David: “I’ve decided to change career plans to do what I’ve always wanted to do”

Veröffentlicht am 16 August 2021

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After high school, David Derancourt decided to go to law school. A few years later, he realised he chose the wrong carrier path and decided to change to become a web developer. Here’s his story…

My background?

To complete my master's degree in public economic law, I did a 5-month internship at the MEL (European Metropolitan Area of Lille) as a public contract manager. I then continued for a period of 9 months as a contract worker.

What prompted my professional transition...

The day I got my master's degree, it made me click! I realised that I had chosen the wrong path and I did not see myself pursuing a legal career.

I had always been passionate about computers but I resigned myself to not choosing this path when I was younger because, in high school, I was not very good at science. For this reason, I have never been encouraged to follow a path in computer science.

As I matured, I understood that the science/letter split operated by the French school system made no sense to me. So I decided to reorient myself and do what I had always wanted to do.

I joined Wild Code School in Lille in September where I joined the "web development" program. 

This training combines many of the characteristics I love: learning by doing, freedom, an innovative teaching method adapted to my personality. I have never been a good student, but here I discovered that I could be good, that I just had to be explained things differently and let experiment things.

Why did I choose to reorient myself in the digital field?

The digital world and technology is the future, built by young people, with great spirit, something that I really like. I need to be in an active environment compared to a static one.

What about after the Wild Code School?

I would like to work in IT Services & Software Engineering during my first years and then become a freelancer. Ultimately I would like to do project management.

If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell him:

I have no other advice to give myself, I made the best choice by coming to Wild Code School.


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