Sofia: from Civil Engineer to Web Developer – Career Change in Lisbon

Veröffentlicht am 16 August 2021

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March 2019 was very important for Wild Code School Lisbon. We started our first very session with an amazing and highly motivated group of students who have diverse backgrounds. The desire to change careers and start in the Tech industry is what brings them together. Today meet Sofia, 33 years old Civil Engineer who study Web Development at Wild Code School Lisbon.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

I worked 10 years as a Civil Engineer and in the last company as a team leader. I worked on financial control and missed the creative side of a job. I always want to do my best but my role isn’t challenging anymore so I made a decision to change my career.

Why have you decided to become a web developer?

I needed a new challenge! I really liked my team but my job was no longer motivating… then I started searching for coding bootcamps in Lisbon and found Ana Sofia, country manager for Wild Code School Lisbon, who helped me a lot in the process of applying for the course and making my dream of a career change come true!

Were you afraid of doing a career change?

No, I was just waiting for the right time to do it! There are never perfect times, obviously, but I felt that this was the time for me. You just have to be motivated and the rest comes naturally.

How was the application process at Wild Code School?  

From the day I met Ana to receive my acceptance letter was less than 2 weeks! I spent around 3 days on Odyssey platform doing the exercises and after submitting it I had a technical interview with Alex the instructor. It was so smooth that I didn’t even felt nervous. Now I can say I’m a student at Wild Code School Lisbon and I couldn’t be happier!

What is your Wild side?

I love travelling! Every year I take my backpack and spend 3 weeks somewhere around the world.

Do you already know where you would like to work after the training?

I ́m going to do an internship at Siemens and after that I will see what the future brings to me. I want to keep learning and with practice I will naturally specialize in the area I’m more passionate about.

Do you have any advice to give to the future Wilders?

Just do it, no fear! Really, so far it’s been a hell of an amazing journey. The market is changing and people mind set is going in the same flow. It is not a matter of having diplomas but rather a matter of having knowledge, experience and knowing how to manage emotions and people. Now is the time to enter the Tech industry.