6 essential tips to successfully follow a remote learning course

Published on 16 June 2020

Reading time 3 minutes

Here you are! You have decided to start a remote training course and learn from home. No matter what made you decide (time saving, comfort of learning from home, flexibility...) the choice of learning remotely will allow you to learn in the best conditions while remaining in control of your schedule.

It's time to prepare for this new adventure and to accompany you, we would like to share with you the best practices that will ensure your success (they have already been tested and approved by our students who have also followed a remote learning programme.

1. Keep Your Goal in Mind! 

...and write it in bold above your desk! 

"Find a job where I can thrive," "Start my own business," "Improve my living conditions." Before you start, you made this choice for a specific reason, so be sure to remind yourself of it on a daily basis. When we are in the process of acquiring new skills and learning new concepts every day, we tend to forget to take a step back to appreciate our progress and to remember the overall project. Remember what you were aiming for when you started this new project. This will help you stay on track no matter what! ;)

2. Create the Right Work Environment

We advise you to organise a quiet office space with a table and a comfortable chair in order to learn in good conditions. Having a dedicated workspace, your little cocoon, will also allow you to separate between the moments spent learning and the moments of relaxation that will take place in another space of your home. In addition to the comfort that it will bring you it will also allow you to disconnect more effectively. 

3. Define and Stick to Your Daily Schedule

Having a daily schedule is essential to stay motivated. 

Starting your training with good habits - getting up at a specific time, eating a good breakfast, dressing for work, going for short walks, doing sports, yoga or meditation - will help you be more effective in your work. 

At the Wild Code School we have also implemented training routines such as starting each day with a daily stand-up, a daily ritual that allows you to share with your teacher and other students your successes and difficulties of the day in order to collectively help one another and strengthen the team. 

4. Structure Your Day

Defining a schedule beforehand and knowing what activities make up your day will allow you to avoid wasting time and be more efficient in your actions. It is for this reason that at the Wild Code School we have decided to give a framework to our remote training programme with online and live educational activities supervised by a teacher, this will help you reach your goals without stress.

5. Take Breaks 

A piece of advice that we sometimes tend to forget: take breaks! 

Learning requires a high level of concentration and it is therefore essential for your well-being to take breaks. So avoid skipping your lunch break and make sure you take a few breaks during the day to relax. It allows us to step back and come back more focused, often with a new perspective and new solutions. 

Extra tip: you can follow the famous Pomodoro work method, which improves concentration and productivity. How? By working intensely for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break. Do this 4 times in a row, before taking a 15-minute break. Repeat.

6. Helping out Each Other 

When working alone from home, you can sometimes feel lonely, so it is important to feel surrounded. Communicating regularly with your peers, meeting up with a group of students to work, asking for help...are great ways of keeping contact and avoiding loneliness in moments of independent work. And it is also in others that we find inspiration and strength to keep going. 

Now, all you have to do is put these tips into practice to succeed in your remote learning course and to fully thrive in your new job as our Wilders have done. 

Finally, do not hesitate to contact our "Remote" team who will be able to present you in detail the structure of our remote learning courses.