IT recruiter shares 8 ways to succeed your job interview

Published on 23 October 2019

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Valérie Cooreman works at Eocene Group (It Creative Company) in association with 3 other collegues. She has an experience of 12 years in the IT area (coaching , IT advisor and HR). She was happy to share some advice with us to succeed in a job interview as junior developer.


Before your interview ...

1. Linkedin is your best friend

To look for offers:

  • Linkedin is THE leader in recruitment platforms. Linkedin is your CV.
  • Having a Facebook profile can also be interesting in terms of word of mouth. Why wouldn’t you let your network know that you have finished your training and you are actively looking for an internship or a job? (You don’t know it yet but you probably know someone who knows someone who can help you find opportunities). Why do without? You should definitely get in touch with anyone who might help.
  • Depending on what one is looking for, registering on Job Boards such as Monster, Stepstone or Indeed can also help in the process.

2. Yes, the soft skills are very important too ! 

The most important quality for IT recruiters is curiosity ! It shows that you are ready to go and get information and that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Being a developer does not just mean aligning lines of code, you have to be interested in the client, his project and his desires.

Flexibility is also very important. Open-mindedness is one of the soft skills to have. You are not there to do your hours and then stop everything. You need to be able to get out of your routine and train next door.


3. Do not under-estimate internship experiences

Internships are very good opportunities for learning. These allow you to get one's hands dirty. Creating a concrete project can also be very positive and something you can show to a recruiter later on. In the end, regardless of our degree, the most valuable is our field experience.


4. Preparing for your interview is not an option

Do some research on the company and the job you are applying for.

Write your resume in an organized and honest manner.

Think about what more can be brought to the company.


On the day of the interview ….

5. Let’s not over-stress, although every little thing plays a game in the final decision

 Presentation, punctuality, resume, cover letter, are all very important ! 

All of the above will help you reduce the stress for D-day and focus on succeeding your interview.


6. Your aesthetic presentation must be beyond reproach ;)

Be careful with your presentation (hygiene, clothing, etc.). For many, the developer is still just a big geek in front of his computer 24/24. The interviewer will instantly know if you smoked a cigarette just before coming in, or if you had a few drinks with some friends to help cope with the stress. Being stressed during an interview is normal ! The recruiter is well aware of this.


7. Smiling and saying hello will make the interview much warmer

There is always a reason to smile, find it :)


After the interview...

8. Do not hesitate to follow-up with the recruiter if you don’t hear from them

Web development is a sector in short supply. Generally, the employer or recruiter imposes the next step directly at the end of the interview : a new appointment, giving news within the week, a categorical no, …

If not, after at least a week, you can send an email or directly call your contact to get an update.

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