Joao Reberti, changing career in Lisbon

Published on 15 October 2019

Reading time 1 minute

Joao is retraining as a web developer, he tells us about his career change decision and how it is going so far.

My background?

I studied political sciences and economy but felt kind of lost and ended up working in a call center.


What triggered my career change decision is...

... leaving my master's without having a specific plan for the future. I was looking for an appropriate solution to ensure I'll find a job (that I like :)


Why choose the digital field among the other areas?

Because I only needed a computer and an internet connection to start learning web development, it was that easy. 
I'm currently following my training but the plan is then to work in the IT department for my current employer.

We also have access to tons of course content online (often free). So this is how I started to look into it.

Then I decided to join the Web Development training at Wild Code School Lisbon for the wide scope of knowledge it offers.

It allows me to test various areas of the field, from backend and heavy programming to design and front end (and everything in between)


If I could say something to myself before I started the training, it would be:

Stick to one thing and do it well.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile!