Naim: "In the Web Development Part-Time Course, it is the training that adapts to our lives"

Published on 01 April 2020

Reading time 3 minutes

Which course did you sign-up for?

I'm currently in the Web Development Part-Time Course in Brussels, specializing in NodeJs and ReactJs.

What were you doing before joining Wild Code School? 

Before I signed-up for the course I was (and still am) truck driver in Bruxelles-Propreté company.

Why did you look at learning web development in the first place?

Two years ago, I've discovered the job of a Web Developer thanks to a friend of mine who's working as one. This is when I started looking into coding and trying my skills on tutorials.

The more I was learning, the more I felt I wanted to retrain and become a web developer.

I started with courses we find on online platforms, which allowed me to get a little deeper into coding.

After a while, I felt that it became harder moving forward and knowing what to do on my own. At this point I started to think it could be interesting to actually go back to school and learn with professionals for me to reach the next level.

So I looked at schools and found Wild Code School, a well know organization around Europe.. After getting in touch with Brussels' Campus Manager, François Blondeau, my decision was made, I was going to jump into this adventure and I officially signed-up for the Part-Time course.

Why did you go for the "part-time" course?

What I liked the most about this format was the training hours (outside of working hours). This allowed me to keep working in my company, and thus provide for my family, while learning new skills doing something I particularly enjoy : coding!

How is it going for you since you started the course?

Awesome! I quickly felt I was part of the students group.

Passionate students, professional and motivated instructor... I've got all I need!

What are the main benefits of remote working according to you?

First transportation, there's a significant gain in time and energy since you don't need to transit using public transportation.

Another benefit is that the courses are recorded : in case you miss a class or if something comes up, you're still able to start the class from the beginning later on and stay up to date. This way you're moving forward at your own pace and the course actually adapts to your life (not the other way round).

Today, the format is even more relevant, since the pandemic crisis started so many employees were asked to keep working from home. I do believe that, in the future, the ability to work remotely will be a wanted skill by the companies (if it's not already the case).

What is awesome about this remote course is that I do feel like classes happen as usual (in a classroom). A manager checks on us every once in a while and follows-up on our work, he's also open and available to chat and listen to our everyday challenges. The training hours are the same as they used to be in order not to disturb our habits. Frankly I admire this organization!

What are your plans once you complete the training?

I'm planning to quit my current position and find a Web Developer job specialized in full-stack NodeJs/ReactJs. This is my dream...

Whom would you recommend this part-time course to?

To anyone who is passionate about web development and feel they could use some help to reach the next level of their coding abilities. I went through it myself, and I know that being surrounded by professionals when learning a new job is essential!

Thank you very much, Naïm, for answering our questions, we wish you the best for your new career!

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