The advantages of joining a Coding Bootcamp

Published on 29 March 2023

Reading time 4 minutes

The demand for technology professionals has increased as a result of the rapid growth and evolution of the technology sector. In an emerging world, where the industry is increasingly automated and driven by new technologies, it is imperative to acquire and update the skills most in demand by recruiters.

In this context, Coding Bootcamps emerge as an excellent way to prepare for a career change and get the technological skills crucial to succeed. In the case of our Web Development Bootcamp, offers all those over 18 years old, with no programming prerequisite, an intensive, immersive learning experience with a strong practical component lasting 3 months, so that in the end students are well prepared for the challenges of the job market. To find out more about what a programming bootcamp is, read this article and contact us for all the questions and doubts you may have.

What are the main advantages of a Coding Bootcamp?

Discover the main advantages of joining a Bootcamp and find out why the decision to do so is the best one you can make. 

  • Intensive learning and a short period of time. 
  •  Strong practical component with challenges in a real context. 
  •  Access to specialist trainers and career support teams. 
  •  Networking and employment opportunities. 
  •  Lower financial investment compared to university degrees. 

 In order to better understand each of the benefits of Bootcamp, we will now talk about each advantage:

Intensive learning in a short period of time

Bootcamps are training programmes of short duration, usually 3 months, unlike when opting for a programme on a university course. This enables students to acquire the desired skills quickly and efficiently. The training program of our Web Development Bootcamp, lasting 3 months, is intensive and focused on a pedagogy based on the realization of projects and challenges in a real context, with a very strong practical programming component. At the end of the 3 months, you can become a Fullstack Developer, learning to program in the main coding languages, such as HTML or JavaScript.

Strong practical component with challenges in a real context

Bootcamps are designed to teach practical skills that focus on the latest technologies and match those that are most demanded by recruiters and companies. With the Bootcamps training, students leave prepared for the challenges of today's job market. Our Coding Bootcamp offers a strong practical component so that the student can go straight out into the labor market and get involved in the structure of companies with the greatest ease and simplicity. This practical part includes challenges in a real context, such as hackathons, programming events that bring together hundreds of programmers from all over Europe, and projects with Wild Code School's partner companies.

Access to specialist trainers and career support teams

Bootcamps usually feature experienced trainers who have extensive experience in the technology sector. This enables students to get valuable advice and guidance to help them achieve their goals. Here at Wild Code School, with the support of a multidisciplinary team of experts and with strong experience in the technological area, programming courses are offered in a flexible learning format (remote or hybrid) and with a strong practical component. While attending Wild Code School courses, you can rely on our Career Support team to help guide you to your first programming job across Europe. From teaching you how to structure your CV, to developing your soft skills, or to preparing for a recruitment phase through interview simulations, our team will help you to find the job you want.

Networking and employment opportunities

Bootcamps are an excellent opportunity to increase and strengthen your network of contacts - networking. Networking with colleagues, teachers, and companies who share your professional interests will help you find future employment options. Here at Wild Code School, besides the important role played by the Career Support team already mentioned, it also has a network of over 1 000 partner companies and over 5 000 alumni (Wilders community), opening the door for you to create new contacts and establish new professional relationships.

Lower financial investment compared to university degrees

The programmes offered by Bootcamps are usually more financially accessible than university programmes. If we think about the time needed to attend a course in a Bootcamp, on average between 3 to 5 months, compared to the time needed to finish a degree (between 3 to 4 years), after entering the labor market, you will be able to obtain the return on the investment made in training in a shorter period.