After studying civil engineering, Maxime chose to broaden his tech skills

Published on 05 February 2020

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My career path?

I studied civil engineering in applied mathematics at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

I also co-founded 2 startups. The first one, Bounce improves the durability of tennis balls by a factor of 3. The second one, eBloom wants to decrease turnover with the help of digital tools.

What prompted my professional transition towards digital was...

I wanted to explore new perspectives and opportunities!

I really wanted to broaden my skills. It must be said that in most of my projects and the jobs that interested me, it was highly recommended that I had web development skills. The offers and opportunities are huge in this industry!

I joined the Wild Code School to follow the full-stack web development training programme from October 2019 to February 2020 (5 months). The duration of the programme was important for me, I needed something that was not too long but enough to increase my skills and become more autonomous.

What motivated me as well was the "stack" part, i.e. the programming languages taught. React and Node.js are becoming more and more popular for developers.

What about your plans after Wild Code School?

I'm going to continue working for my startups but as a developer this time, among other things.

I will also work on client projects as a freelance web developer for a living.

If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell him:

Take your time to learn and help other Wilders!


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