Ashley "Learning a coding language resembled a lot of the same things I loved about learning human languages"

Published on 05 February 2020

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My background?

I started off my educational journey like many other with a generic “business appropriate” bachelor’s degree. Mine happened to be in International Economics from a small University in Wisconsin. Nervously staring down the barrel of the rest of my life, once I graduated, I made a snap decision to undertake postgraduate study in Europe. As a person who has always been passionate about languages, I swiftly found my feet with my first Project Management job at a language service provider in the UK.

What prompted my professional transition towards digital was....

After several years as a language Project Management, I noticed the growing trend for Neural Machine Translation within the language services industry, and eventually was invited to speak on the topic at a conference.

Because of the conference and having very little exposure to the technical side of machine learning, I needed to brush up on the details. I enrolled in several Python courses, and quickly discovered that learning a coding language resembled a lot of the same things I loved about learning human languages. The talk went well, but I still wanted to learn more.

I started the Web Development part time course in Wild Code School London in May 2019.

Unfortunately, I haven't quite yet made friends with royalty so I couldn’t give up my job to study full-time. That’s where Wild Code School’s flexible part-time full-stack developer course came in. I happily signed up to the course despite the two-hour commute from Farnham to London.


What about after Wild Code School?

After only eight months I had somehow managed to land a shiny new job as a junior developer. 

What’s more, the skills that I learned in the course eventually made me earn a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent in Tech.

I aim to enjoy the summer touring Surrey with my local brass band, writing my memoirs and teaching my mischief of rats new tricks. I might even develop the world’s next big mobile app.


If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell her:

It goes without saying, that the decision to enroll with Wild Code School had forever changed the course of my life for the better.

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