Cristina Zappullo, Data Instructor: "we are disrupting the tradition"

Published on 24 March 2023

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in Data Analysis but not sure where to start?

To give you an inside look at what it's like to study in our Data Analyst bootcamp, we spoke with Cristina Zappullo, one of our Data instructors. With over a decade of experience in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, Cristina brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to her teaching.

In this interview, Cristina shares her insights on the differences between bootcamps and universities, the unique teaching techniques she employs, and the typical day in her classroom. She also discussed the job prospects for students after completing a bootcamp and shared some tips for future Wilders who are looking to join the program. Read on to discover more!

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Cristina Zappullo. I am the Data instructor in Lisbon and Remote English for Wild Code School.

What inspired you to become an instructor?

I’ve started helping others to learn mathematics, computer science… since I was 19, so, I just love it.

What do you like the most about your job?

When the students arrive at the school, they have an idea of how they want to become. My favorite part is to help them to become who they want to be.

Are there differences between a bootcamp and university?

Based on my university program, there is definitely more application. Most of the University courses are theoretical or they used to be theoretical and we are just disrupting the tradition, making a lot of projects and applications.

Can you share a unique teaching technique?

This is something that my students love and hate: it's when they come and ask me a question, I ask one back, so they can think of the problem or the issue from a different perspective and to arrive to the answer by themselves and in this way, they learn even more because they arrive to conquer their own answer and they don't get told what to do.

What is a typical day in your classroom?

Most of the time we do: learning new tools, new code lines, new libraries, something new, in the morning and application in the afternoon. So usually there are quests in the morning and project in the afternoon.

Can you get a job after a bootcamp?

Almost all my students found a job. The ones that didn't it’s because they went to University. So I would say yes and actually I've been told that, as a compliment, my students stay in the field 4 years later. They learn the basics, but they also learn how to continue learning by themselves because they grow in their career, they become lead of the team and so on and so forth. So apparently, yes.

Any tips for our future Wilders?

It's going to be a very immersive experience. Come with a lot of stored energy and patience, willing to teamwork. Most of our projects if conquered by one person, it will take a lot of time. Most of our projects, we conquer them with a team.

Watch the interview in video here:

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