Cyber analyst, a protector of modern times

Published on 10 October 2019

Reading time 1 minute

Do you wonder how companies are still able to secure their data today in the face of thousands of ransomwares and hackers? It's thanks to very special agents who are ready to defend big data: meet the Cyber Analysts!

An interview with Luke, a cyber analyst like many others....

What is your daily job?

Luke: "I monitor my company's information system (IS), I check that no suspicious or malicious activity enters the system. And if so, I will block access and provide corrective solutions. I also provide my coworkers with the best security habits."

What do you like most about your job?

"I love looking for flaws in IS softwares and hardwares and analysing malwares to counter the best of hackers and ensure that my company's customers data is safe."

Today companies must constantly be on the lookout for cyber attacks?

"In the past, it was mainly banks that secured their data, but today, with data flowing everywhere, it has become crucial for any organisation to protect itself. That's why it is so important to have cyber analysts. The problem is that companies have difficulties recruiting as there are not enough candidates for the job offers published. The main reason is that cybersecurity is a recent development and few people are familiar with the cyber professions. Moreover, this profession does not appeal to young people who think that cyber analysts work alone in a garage! Which is totally wrong!”

Apart from technical skills, what are companies looking for?

"They need someone who is able to adapt to an emergency situation, who is discreet and respects confidentiality rules. Like many digital jobs, this job requires curiosity, teamwork and good written communication skills."

Would you like to become a “protector” of modern times?