Dataiku and Wild Code School renew their partnership in 2021

Published on 13 September 2021

Reading time 5 minutes

One year after co-organizing alongside Doctolib, the largest European hackathon on e-health, Dataiku and Wild Code School are renewing and strengthening their partnership.

Through this cooperation, this partnership targets two goals: 

  • Enabling Wilders to gain expertise in a technology increasingly in demand. Dataiku claims to have more than 450 companies using its artificial intelligence and machine learning around the world, including Unilever, Ubisoft, and Merck;
  • Enabling this unicorn to diversify its recruitment of young talent.

Starting in early July, students currently training to become data analysts will have access to a personalized training path at Dataiku  leading to certification; all accompanied by a free license for one year. 

The Wilders had already been able to learn about the company and the job of a data scientist at Dataiku during...

  • A masterclass: a useful introduction with the scale-up*. 
  • A job dating in June: Dataiku came to meet candidates looking for a first job

But what is Dataiku? We gave the floor to Gildas Fresneau, Senior Academic Program Specialist, to help us better understand. 

*scale-up: a change in the scale of a company, thanks to a growth acceleration strategy, especially internationally.

Interview: Gildas Fresneau, Senior Academic Program Specialist, talks about Dataiku in detail

Hi, Gildas! Could you tell us a bit about Dataiku?

Dataiku is a scale-up that was created in 2013 in Paris. Our mission, through the platform we develop and offer to our customers, is to democratize and empower the use of data by simplifying analysis tools, including artificial intelligence. In this way, we promote collaboration within organizations—regardless of their size or nature. Today, there are 750 "Dataikers" present all over the world, and soon there'll be even more of us. Indeed, the appetite for our platform is undeniable, and we're catching on quickly!

What's your role within Dataiku?

Dataiku started its academic program in 2018 to implement our goal of democratizing AI in a concrete way. This program allows us to disseminate the tool and support training in all data-related topics. 

Within the framework of this program, I'm in charge of initiating and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders from the world of higher education and professional training. This is how I was able to participate in setting up the 2020 hackathon and various training activities at Wild Code School this year.


What can you tell us about Dataiku's values and your working methods? 

The collaborative, responsible, and deeply human ambition of our platform is quite logically at the center of our culture. This is a strong desire of our founders. We consider our employees to be our most precious asset, and we want each of the individuals who make up our teams to have the most rewarding and enjoyable experience possible at our side. Respect, mutual aid, and benevolence form the basis of our values, and more generally, the basis of our work and management methods.

This partnership follows, as we've witnessed, the hackathon organized in 2020. What made you decide to continue working with Wild Code School? 

The quality of the work done by the students during the hackathon and the association of our solution with the expertise of Doctolib coaches in e-health launched this partnership in a very positive way for us, and we therefore wanted to continue along this path.

Furthermore, we believe strongly in the importance of continuous professional training. The ability to acquire new skills is fundamental in the world of work that we know, especially with the increasing diffusion of AI and the professions related to the development of data. Actors such as Wild Code School are essential in order to allow (young) workers to be quickly trained in these new professions, and it thus seems important to us to join them in addition to our partnerships with the more traditional actors of higher education. 

What types of positions would a Wilder data analyst be eligible for upon completion of his or her training? 

Dataiku's core business is data, and that's good news, as it's also the core business of Wilder data analysts! Therefore, at Dataiku, many roles can correspond to these profiles. They can naturally join our Analytics team, but that's not all! Their profiles can also correspond to more hybrid functions such as Customer Success Manager or Sales Engineer. Overall, knowledge of the data ecosystem is not a systematic prerequisite when considering joining Dataiku, but it's always a considerable asset. 

What advice would you give to junior data analysts who want to join you? 

To broaden their horizons and not limit themselves to the role of data analysts. Their training at Wild Code School is a real gateway to the data professions, which are very numerous and varied. One and the same job can cover very different realities from one company to another. At Dataiku, we work around data analysis and AI all the time, whether you are a marketing manager, a data scientist or a sales engineer. I really encourage junior data analysts to learn about the different roles available, so they don't miss out on any opportunities. There are more than 200 open positions currently available! 

Strengthened employability, testing of a tool whose number of users is constantly growing, increased competence, the implementation of this partnership is a real asset in the career of our Wild data analysts. 

Two courses currently offer this module: 

  • The 5-month data analyst training course is open to all adults without any prerequisite diploma.
  • The  business intelligence training—part-time evenings and weekends—is more accessible to the currently employed who wish to develop new skills, develop new skills, or set up their own project.

Discover data analysis for free by joining our data analyst prep course, and test at your own pace if this new profession is for you.

Start training independently with Dataiku through the Academy program. For more information, visit Dataiku’s Academic Program.