Digital Project Manager and athletics enthusiast, Baptiste shares his story

Published on 01 December 2020

Reading time 3 minutes

Hello Baptiste, can you introduce yourself in a few words? What is your passion?

Hello Julien! My name is Baptiste, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Nantes. I've just moved to another region because of my passion and my athletics project. 

What was your background before joining Wild Code School ? Why did you choose this job and this training?

Before joining Wild Code School, I did a work-study for 2 years and I worked at SFR Business (French telephone operator) in customer service. I've always been attracted to the tech environment despite having no real technical skills. I chose Wild Code School as it was the one that made the best impression on me. There are more and more schools and I really wanted the best. I think I made the right choice!

What has been your career path since the end of your training?

Since the training, I moved and enjoyed my summer since the recruitment period was a bit quiet at that time. I was then hired on a work-study program as digital project manager at the IRCE (Regional Institute of CEOs).

You are a top-level sportsman, can you tell us more about your project?

Yes, I do have a sports project as I have been practising athletics at a high level for 6 years now. My objective is to be one of the best French athletes! 

How do you manage to organise yourself between training and work?

It can seem complex because I have long working hours, but with motivation and passion, it's easy to do it. And I'm lucky enough to be in a company that lets me organise myself to carry out this double project; that is to say arriving at the office early in the morning, and leaving early enough to go and train afterwards.


Can you describe your working environment?

My working environment is made up of 11 employees: project managers, the company director, a management assistant and my mentor who takes care of the whole digital part with me. 

What are the objectives in terms of user experience for the projects you are involved in?

I'm involved in a lot of projects where the user experience is very important. For example, my job at the moment is to limit the bounce rate of the website, and to ensure that project managers receive more and more contacts. My goal is to completely reshape the architecture of the website and encourage the user to fill in the contact forms.

What programming languages do you use?

My job is now a little different. I don't really code any more. I do a bit of pure JavaScript, as well as HTML or CSS, but being on a WordPress environment, it's different. I do feel that my past experience on React is useful and gives me a head start compared to others in my class who have never coded. 

From what you learned at Wild Code School, what was the most useful thing?

For now, the most useful thing for me is everything related to code: UX, SEO, accessibility. And what I really liked at Wild Code School is that you don't just learn how to code, it's much more advanced and challenging than that! 

Where do you see your career going?

I can see myself growing in the company where I am now. I feel good here and the project is great. Maybe on the long term I'll be able to integrate an e-commerce department of a major sports brand!

Thank you for all your answers, do you have a word for the other Wilders?

The final word for the other Wilders would be: even if sometimes it's hard and you feel a bit lost, you shouldn't give up. You really learn a lot of skills during this programme, more than you might think.