Émilie "As a dietician, I've taken the web development part-time training so I could create customized tools myself"

Published on 04 March 2020

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My background?

Before I started Wild Code School's part time training, I was (and still am) quality manager for a small catering business for restaurants and mass distribution. I make sure that all our products meet good quality standards. I've joined this company a year and a half ago right after I completed my nutrition and dietetics studies in Brussels. 

Why did I look into Web Development courses in the first place?

My goal was never to switch careers nor retrain, I was looking at adding one more string to my bow by qualifying as a web developer. As a dietician, I noticed during my internships that so many programs were not suited for the profession and my dream was being able to create my own tools using web development.

Since I was little I was drawn towards technology. I was intrigued by the functioning of things and how it was possible to create anything we want thanks to digital skills. So when the opportunity to take Wild Code School's part-time course came along, I couldn't resist! I signed up for the web development course and started my training in December 2019.

Why did I choose to go for the "part-time" course?

The fact that this training is available under a part-time format allowed me to keep my day-job while taking the course. Another thing that really attracted me to this specific course is the program teaches how to become a full-stack developer which is not very widespread yet in Brussels.

Of course, let's not forget to mention the friendly environment of Brussels campus!

What happened after I completed the course?

I am still working as quality manager for the same company but, thanks to the course, I now have the chance to work on creating a tailored production program for my cuisine.

In the future, I first want to finalise this project, then I would love to try and live abroad for a few years and why not become a freelancer working on web development projects. It's important to have dreams.

If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell her:

Don't miss your chance! This training is a one time opportunity so keep up!

Last word

I really enjoyed my time during the course, it was an incredible experience that I strongly recommend!!

Take a look at Émilie's LinkedIn profile and take a look at the course she completed in Wild Code School!