Fiverr and Wild Code School launch the Wild Fiverr Hackathon

Published on 09 June 2021

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From June 28-30, 2021, Fiverr and Wild Code School are bringing our Wilders together for a 3-day community-themed hackathon! Find out more about our partnership with Fiverr in this dedicated article.

Fiverr: Who are they?

Fiverr allows companies to meet the best talents in the digital world. A facilitator in connecting with the best digital freelancers!

Fiverr's freelancers come from all over the world and offer on-demand services, ranging from graphic design to data, digital marketing, writing/translation, video/animation, music/audio, programming/technology, and many more!

The Fiverr x Wild Code School’s 3-day hackathon: Wild Fiverr Hackathon

Wild Code School and its partner Fiverr are co-organizing a 3-day online hackathon that will bring together Wild Code School's web developer, data analyst and cybersecurity analyst students from the March 2021 training session in France and Europe.

The students will be able to use their new skills to create different solutions around the theme of the Fiverr freelance community. They will have 3 days to do it, in teams of 5 people maximum, and they will challenge their own experience and expertise to offer the best possible solution.

Selection criteria for the final on July 2, 2021

In order to participate in the final on July 2, 2021, projects will be selected according to specific criteria such as...

  • Originality and relevance of the proposed solution
  • Technicality
  • The overall quality of the presentation
  • The proposed user experience

During the final on Friday, July 2 (starting at 2pm), the 15 finalist teams will meet online to defend their project in front of a jury composed of representatives from Fiverr, Wild Code School’s pedagogical team, and Quentin, french “Développeur Libre” Youtuber:

  • Franck Thomas, Country manager @ Fiverr
  • Damien Buchet, Lead developer @ Wild Code School
  • Cécile Chevalier, Instructional Design Manager @ Wild Code School
  • Aurélien Barbier, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Leonard Flachs, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Pierre Mur, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Yassine Belfkih, CEO @ Wild Code School
  • Quentin "Développeur Libre", Youtubeur

Register to attend the final demo here!

Focus on one of our jurors: Quentin (Développeur Libre)

"A few years ago, I entered a computer science engineering school in Caen (ENSICAEN) without really knowing what the daily life of a developer is like. So I learnt different subjects like algorithms, artificial intelligence, and web development. But I missed one subject: iOS development. So I decided to learn this skill on my own and I launched my YouTube channel at the same time to share my learning.

Very quickly, I saw that the craze was there and I decided to create my first digital trainings to learn how to code iOS applications. A few years later, when I passed my last exams at ENSICAEN, I decided to look for an internship in the field I like: mobile development. I spent 6 months in a company in Paris whose specialty was in the mobile development field. This internship showed me one thing: iOS development IS made for me.

With my degree and my YouTube channel -which was starting to gather quite a few people- I decided to devote myself full time to creating educational videos and transmitting knowledge in the field of programming and entrepreneurship