Focus on Cybersecurity

Published on 04 December 2019

Reading time 3 minutes

For the launch of the first Cybersecurity Analyst training session at Wild Code School, we welcome Charles PRÉAUX, Director of Orange Campus Cybersecurity, to discuss the challenges of this ever-changing world.

Hello Charles, you are a leading expert in the field of Cybersecurity. Could you introduce yourself?

I am Charles Préaux, current Director of ORANGE Campus Cybersecurity (we train more than 6,000 people a year worldwide). Before that I spent more than 20 years at the French Ministry of Defence and I then founded the first engineering school specialised in Cyber Defence.

What are the challenges of Cybersecurity?

In terms of Cybersecurity, there are 4 major objectives:

  • sovereignty,
  • governance,
  • expertise,
  • trust.

To understand them, you have to understand the balance of power in cyberspace.

Global digital information is a source of power for those who master it. It is the law of the strongest against the weakest. The geopolitical stakes are immense.

There is no "UN" of Cyberspace. There is an Internet governance, but it is only one part of Cyberspace.

Cybersecurity is a word that everyone knows, but few people really know how to define it, can you help us?

Cybersecurity deals with 3 very well defined areas:

  • The security of information systems: we analyse the risks to take them into account right from the design phase of a system,
  • Cybercrime: fighting against extortions (demanding what is not due) by implementing Cyber resources, such as FORENSIC: whose objective is to find crime evidences,
  • Cyber defence: organising the defence of systems connected to the Internet IT (information/telecommunication systems) or OT (connected objects/industrial systems).

In France, ANSSI is the government agency in charge of Cybersecurity.

I want to be a Cybersecurity Analyst, Pentester, what do you say?

It's a great idea: in the world, every second, 4 new malwares are created.

The SOC (security operation center) is recruiting a lot of staff. I spend my time looking for talent. People passioned about it! Profiles like the ones you train at Wild Code School. We even plan to collaborate on a complementary curriculum. Where students can graduate from the Wild Code School with a professional certification of Secured Infrastructure Administrator in order to be eligible for work missions as a Cybersecurity Analyst or Pentester (person in charge of testing the security of an information system). Giving access to Bachelor or Engineering degree courses at Orange Campus Cybersecurity to qualify for positions with higher levels of responsibility.

So this is a highly recruiting industry?

Yes, it is.

It's a field that is constantly changing, because information systems live and evolve.

More precisely, the Cyber field is divided into 2 parts:

  • OT Protection: connected objects/industrial systems,
  • and IT protection: information/telecommunication systems. It is this second part which drains the major part of the market.

Within the next 5 years, things will reverse and move more and more towards the protection of OT systems.

When we know that 70% of the attacks in the world target humans and only 30% target IT, we can guess that the growth of the Cybersecurity market is not about to slow down.

Moreover, it is estimated that 50% of jobs in the world in 2050 will be digital.

Can't wait to launch the training session! Any last words to finish convincing me?

The final challenge of Cybersecurity is to control the world by controlling information.

Now that we know this, it's up to us to prepare for it.

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