Dermot : From music teacher to developer

Published on 28 June 2019

Reading time 2 minutes

Can you tell us about your professional background?

Over the past seven years I have been working as a teacher in different schools in Europe. Most recently I was working as the music teacher for a private international school here in Madrid. Over my time working as a teacher I have had the pleasure to work with students from all over the world and of all ages.


Why have you decided to become a web developer? 

I was drawn to web development as someone who has always had a keen interest in technology and computers. I was also looking for a career that in the future has good prospects, an attractive career trajectory and the possibility of working remotely.


Were you afraid of switching careers? 

Rather than worried, I was more excited to try something new. As I had worked hard for many years to become an established teacher it will always be something I can fall back on if I really need to.


How did your application process go with Wild Code School?

The admission process was very helpful in realizing that web development was something that I truly wanted to pursue. The campus manager interviews were informative and encouraging. A great part of the Wild Code School admission process is the initial onboarding task where the student is expected to build a simple website using HTML and CSS. It’s amazing how much you will learn from this task.


What is your Wild side?

Hehehe great question ! I would say that my wild side comes out when I’m performing as a songwriter in Madrid or when I go to other rock’n’roll concerts!


Do you already know where you would like to work after the training course?

My goal is to find a job as a junior developer with a company who will offer me the support to continue learning. Thinking long term, I would like to eventually find a position that is flexible and allows me to work remotely sometimes during the year. The dream is to be able to travel freely while still being working as a developer.


Do you have any advice you would like to give to future Wilders?

YES! Are you interested in coding? Then start writing code today! There is no better way to find out if coding is for you other than to write code. A great place to start is with It was through completing the first web development course on this website that I learnt about the basics of HTML and CSS. I would also say its really helpful to pick up the basics of JavaScript. The course moves really quickly so it will help you greatly if you already understand the basic concepts.