Neli: from Office Manager to Web Developer – Switching Career in Berlin

Published on 17 April 2019

Reading time 3 minutes

Today meet Neli, Office Manager switching career at Wild Code School Berlin thanks to a full-time web development training course.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

My professional background is focused on office management. I studied Political Science and Administrative in Barcelona. My first job was at an International Real Estate based in Barcelona as an Investment Manager. It was an enriching experience that made me fall in love with the Real Estate field. After a year in the Investment Department I realised that I needed a change and I jumped into the management, working as an Office Manager. In this last role I was providing internal employee development, team effectiveness and leadership development consulting to all levels of the company. I also was in charge of design and implement strategic plans and develop high performing teams.

Why have you decided to become a web developer?

The decision came to mind once I moved to Germany. I started looking for jobs in my field and I realised how difficult it was to adapt my career in another country.  I wanted to find an international profession that could provide the freedom to travel around the world and the ability to work without barriers. And the answer to my indecision was in front of me, as my husband is a developer. He helped me to get to know more about programming and what was the web development and the IT world.

Were you afraid of doing a career change?

I can not say that I was afraid  to change because I was stuck in my job search and I needed some fresh air which was a new start and facing a new challenge motivated me to change my career.

How was the application process at Wild Code School?

The application process in my case was super fast, since I found out about Wild Code School few days before the start of the course. When I got all the information about the process I thought It would be just too much to do in a couple days but I can say that it was clear to follow and I had their support all the time, the communication was just amazing!

What is your Wild side?

My Wild side is keeping my mind strong and being motivated to learn new things all the time, because I realised that this career is a constant learning path, and I love It!

Do you already know where you would like to work after the training?

I really like the Front-End and I would love to start working as Junior Developer and learn as much as possible, but I am open to all the options since I still have to learn more about the Back-End and maybe that could also fit in my preferences.

Do you have any advice to give to the future Wilders?

The best advice is “just code It”, if you enjoy coding  just keep doing It, search the sources. It’s incredible how much help can you get from online sources however make sure that you have a mentor that guides you and you can get support from him/her. Also team working is essential to improve your skills and get you motivated to keep learning and enjoying this journey, which will become the journey of your life!