Full-Time or Part-Time Course: Our Guide to Picking the Most Suitable Course for You

Published on 15 September 2020

Reading time 5 minutes

You have finally made a decision. You have decided to throw yourself into a new career and start your adventure in the world of coding or data. You've started a few self-taught online courses and put together your first lines of code, but you think it's time to go one step further and sign up for a coding bootcamp or a data bootcamp. But which option should you choose: a Full-Time or a Part-time Course? Don't worry, in this article, we will explain the main differences between Full-Time and Part-Time courses at Wild Code School.

Benefits of a Full-Time Course

A Full-Time course is the perfect solution for those who have decided to become magicians in the tech world and can’t wait to change their careers. By focusing for 5 months on one of our Full-Time courses, such as the Remote Full-Stack Web Development Course, you will quickly delve into new subjects and also have ample time to practice what you learn.

Full-Time courses run from Monday to Friday, with around 8 hours of daily activities, both in groups and individually. For 20 weeks, the course will be a priority in your life, helping you focus on achieving your career change goals. 

Full-Time courses offer complete programs, rich in technical skills. The Full-Time Course in Data Analysis, for instance, is a very intensive program designed to teach you all the relevant skills to collect, manage, elaborate and visualize data, and knowledge up to machine learning. For Web Development, this means gaining full-stack knowledge (frontend + backend).

Finally, Full-Time courses include the opportunity to carry out various projects with real companies including a Hackathon and an 8-week project, through which you will learn how to organize meetings with the client, how to manage expectations and how to present effectively and convincingly.

Why Should You Choose a Full-Time Course?

The Full-Time course is the best option for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves completely to a career change and learn computer programming or data skills in a complete way. Learners who have the time and motivation to become a tech professional in just 5 months should choose a Full-Time course.

“What is awesome about the Remote Course is that I do feel like classes happen as in a classroom. A manager checks on us and follows-up on our work, available to chat and listen to our everyday challenges. The training hours are the same every week in order not to disturb our habits. Frankly, I admire this organization!” -  Naïm, Full-Time Student.

Benefits of a Part-Time Course?

Part-Time courses, on the other hand, offer a unique learning opportunity for those who are already working or cannot devote an entire day to studying for other reasons. By choosing a Part-Time course, you will have the opportunity to continue your normal working routine, alongside evening and weekend training sessions. Who said work and training can’t coexist?

Wild Code School's Part-Time course schedule is very innovative. Classes happen two evenings per week and every second Saturday. A perfect mix between personal commitments and study activities. Part-Time courses also last 5 months.

Although Part-Time programs are lighter than Full-Time ones, students will be able to learn a new, in-demand job and get the attention of recruiters from tech companies. The Part-Time course in Web Development, for example, focuses only on the front-end development, guaranteeing a qualification among the most requested on the market to our Part-Time students. Same thing for the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Part-Time Course: it will give you the opportunity to enter the Data Analysis world and start your Data Science career.

Part-Time courses can also be seen as the first step in a longer-term studying plan. Once you finish a Part-Time course in Web Development or Data Analysis with Wild Code School, it will be easier for you to keep studying new topics autonomously. A Part-Time course in Data can build a foundation for studying Machine Learning in the future. A course in Front-End Development, with a focus on React, will still give you the mindset to start studying Back-End Development on your own.

Part-Time courses also have a strong component of practice and experience with fictional projects as well as with real companies. In fact, even in this type of course, you will be dealing with real clients and you will be able to put all your acquired knowledge to practice in a Hackathon with a partner!

Why Should You Choose a Part-Time Course?

If you are tired of having to postpone the time for your training. If you can't leave your job but still want to open new avenues for yourself. If you want to spend more time with your family, but do not want to forfeit your dream of a new career in tech... then Part-Time is the option for you!

“The remote course offered a curriculum structure that I want, the supervision that I need, and, most importantly the ability to work with a group of like-minded people. I signed up, started the remote course in mid-April, and fast forward to today, I am on my week 10 of the course and I am loving it! I am always excited to come home and learn more JavaScript and now React, despite how tired I am from a full day of work.”  - Gladys, Part-Time student.

Common Aspects of Wild Code School Courses?

Whether you follow a Full-Time or Part-Time course at Wild Code School, you will always get some invaluable perks:

- An innovative, reliable and practical teaching approach;

- Teamwork and projects  for real customers;

- Employability coaching sessions with your Campus Manager;

- The Wilders Community! A powerful community of over 3000 tech professionals graduated from Wild Code School since 2014; students and alumni who support each other, discuss the latest tech news and share job offers.