Wild Hackathon: ManoMano and Wild Code School unite!

Published on 06 January 2022

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From January 19th to 21st, 2022, ManoMano and Wild Code School are teaming up with more than 600 Wilders for a Hackathon on the theme of "Build-up the Future of E-Commerce.”

A 48-hour Hackathon to identify tomorrow's tech talents

To celebrate their shared values and collaboration, Wild Code School and ManoMano are partnering to organize a 3-day Hackathon on our 20 campuses throughout Europe.

Divided into 100+ teams, the students will combine their creative skills from their experiences at Wild Code School to develop different solutions to improve the online shopping experience. This theme will be distributed into four subtopics—that will be introduced on January 19th—corresponding to Wild Code School’s four training areas: web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and product design

Why partner with ManoMano?

Created in France in 2013, ManoMano is specialized in online DIY, home, and garden. The scale-up currently employs 900 people and operates in 6 markets (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the U.K.). With its fundraising of €355 million in the summer of 2021, ManoMano seeks to become the European leader in online DIY, home, and garden. To this end, ManoMano is looking for junior “tech talent” trained at Wild Code School.

"At ManoMano, we’re convinced that the alumni of Wild Code School make the difference on several levels: their ambition and investment in their missions, their great capacity for working autonomously, and even more by their progression curve in hard skills, including those in retraining which bring new views and diversity within our tech teams,” explains Alexandre Sutra, Tech Ambassador at ManoMano.

ManoMano has already recruited 7 students from Wild Code School for front-end, back-end, Java developer and other positions. Benoit, a Wild Code School’s alumni and former gendarme (French national police) for 10 years, is now a web developer at ManoMano. In his words, “What I need the most from my training at Wild Code School is daily independence and autonomy, and ‘learning how to learn’ is the Wild Code School way.”

Our common values 

Above all, our common values are "learning how to learn" and encouraging lifelong learning—and that includes the workplace. Indeed, IT is evolving every day and what you know now may be obsolete tomorrow. That’s why we’re committed to teaching our students and ManoMano's employees to challenge themselves and learn throughout their lives. 

For ManoMano, this event is an excellent way to understand what Wild Code School’s students can do on a real and major issue for their company’s development!

What is a hackathon? 

A Hackathon is a 48-hour event that allows our Tech talents to compete in teams with the objective of answering a company’s given issue. Wilders code night and day to meet the challenge! During the Hackathon, students work under pressure with one essential ingredient for creating a genuine community: good humor!

In addition to providing Wild Code students with professional experience, the Hackathon will allow them to develop their soft skills. Indeed, during these 48 hours, participants will experience teamwork, learn to manage pressure, and face the imposter syndrome. Even if in five months these future web developers, data analysts, product managers, or cybersecurity analysts are retrained and become operational in a brand-new profession, many of them remain on guard before joining the professional world. This exercise is thus ideal to reassure them about their skills and get feedback on their work. 

What about you? Do you want to join us?

Selection criteria for the final on January 21, 2022

To participate in the final demo on January 21st, 2022, projects will be selected according to specific criteria such as:

  • originality and relevance of the proposed solution
  • technicality
  • overall quality of the presentation
  • proposed user experience

Click here to register and attend the Final Demo!

Discover the testimony of ManoMano apprentice Benoit

Benoit Deligny, a Wild Code School alumni and former gendarme (French national police force) of 10 years, became a web developer at ManoMano:

Following my first 5-month training at Wild Code School de Bordeaux, I found an internship quite easily. However, given the health circumstances, I didn't find a permanent contract afterwards. That's why I decided to do a work-study program (also at Wild Code School). Now I'm looking forward to my permanent position at ManoMano!

What he remembers most about Wild Code School: “What I need the most from my training at Wild Code School is daily independence and autonomy, and ‘learning how to learn’ is the Wild Code School way.

To go a bit further

You can't contain your impatience for the big day? Dive into the world of web development or data analysis with our two 100% free online prep courses:

Who knows, maybe one of these two introductions will make you want to join us and participate in the next hackathons! 😉