How to Successfully Incorporate Chatbots into Companies

Published on 04 March 2020

Reading time 2 minutes

Wild Code School, the leading web development school in Europe, details the benefits of chatbots in companies to improve customer relations and their business strategy.

Chatbots are computer programs that work through artificial intelligence and offer an efficient solution to manage and serve the people who visit our website. These conversational agents are able to handle customer doubts and requests and refer them to the appropriate department to solve their case. They are an essential part of the Front-End programming of a web page, which is the one that connects and interacts with the users who visit it.

Wild Code School offers a list of recommendations to successfully incorporate chatbots, which are programmed by professional developers in Front-End, one of the trainings offered by Wild Code School in Madrid and Barcelona.

  1. Respond to customer needs and doubts: if we want a chatbot to succeed, we must be able to contemplate the various scenarios that our clients pose to this tool.
  2. List of frequently asked questions: an extensive list of questions and answers will have to be created so that the chatbot can interact effectively with our clients.
  3. Automate the company: a chatbot is only one of the many tools we can use in the customer experience, and it will only work if the company is fully automated.
  4. Value creation: chatbots must provide a valuable service to the experience of our customers, so we must have a team of developers in Front-End and Back-End that allows us to provide a comprehensive service to our customers.
  5. Systems interconnection: the company's systems and platforms must be interconnected to talk to each other and provide the appropriate information to our customers.
  6. Human supervision: although chatbots make it easier for our team to perform other tasks, we must always have a team that monitors their results.
  7. Humanize your chatbot: so that the customer experience is pleasant, we must humanize the chatbot, create a real personality.

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