How We Organized a Remote Job Fair - 144 Interviews in 2 Days!

Published on 29 July 2020

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What was the Challenge?

Many questions arose when we were adapting to the remote setting we are currently in - some of them, harder to answer than others. Organizing the Job Fair remotely was certainly a challenge full of questions, for which we had to find the best answers!

In Lisbon, after a lot of hard work and planning we were able to find a way to give our students the awesome experience of getting in touch with a large variety of recruiters, without leaving their house.

Preparing the Job Fair

But first, what is, exactly, a Job Fair? Well, the Wild Code School’s Job Fair is an event we organize to focus on the employability of our students. We invite recruiters of different tech companies to have interviews with our Wilders, where they can get their CV’s and LinkedIn profiles, and get to know what they are like and their expectations.

In return, our students have the opportunity to experience many different types of interviews with distinct companies and create connections that may be very helpful in the future.

144 Interviews in 2 Days

Now, let’s talk about numbers. We welcomed 10 different tech companies, some recruiting in the Web Development area, some in the Data area, and some in both! Bold, Celfocus, Everis, Hashtag People, Mercedes-Benz io, Michael Page, Skillink, Talent Seed, Think Attitude and Volkswagen all made their fantastic recruiters available to participate!

Combining both of our Courses, we had 20 students to split between all of these recruiters, in just two days. 

This combined for a total 144 interviews, divided in 20 minute slots, so that each student had the time to introduce themselves and get to know the recruiter, the company and what they do.

How Did We Do It?

We used Google Hangouts in order to connect the students and the recruiters to each other. It was not easy to be on top of every 20 minute slot, as there were times where we were hosting 7 interviews at the same time!

Although there was a lot happening simultaneously, it all went as smoothly as possible, as everyone was aware of their individual schedules. It was all a matter of staying aware, and let the great recruiters talk with our excited students!

What Did the Participants Think?

The feedback was great, which gave us a great sense of accomplishment and reward. Our students liked the opportunity to meet and talk to people of many different (and important) companies of the Portuguese tech scene.

The recruiters also enjoyed the experience, as they were able to get to know a lot of different candidates with different backgrounds and profiles! We received a lot of positive messages and much interest, on their side, to repeat the experience!

What’s Next for Us?

In this uncertain time of our lives, it’s not easy to know when it’s going to be possible to return safely to the old ways. That’s why it’s good to know that we, in Wild Code School, were able to adapt to a whole new setting… successfully! Whatever happens, we know that if we have to repeat this kind of event remotely, we can do it properly, satisfying expectations from all sides.

Join the Wild!

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