Huyen "I was thinking for a while about a change in my career path, but I couldn’t risk to quit my job"

Published on 24 March 2020

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Huyen joined our May 2019 part-time session and she soon impressed everyone with her determination, never ending energy and the visible passion for React

After hundreds of hours of study (in class and at home), many, many applications, CVs sent everywhere, technical interviews, etc..., Huyen finally recently landed her dream job as Frontend Developer at Avira, in Bucharest.

She is living proof that change CAN happen. It comes with hard work and loads of determination, but it is definitely not impossible.

We asked her to share her experience so she answered a few questions :

What is your background?

I’ve been working in the retail industry as a shop manager. It was challenging and required lots of time and hard work. This wasn’t a problem for me until I had my first baby. I struggled with finding time for everything, be that spending it with my baby and my family or friends. It was quite upsetting.

What attracted you to our part-time course?

I was thinking for a while about a change in my career path, but I couldn’t find anything that would suit me. Also, I wouldn’t have risked leaving my job at the moment. When I found out about this part-time Web Development Bootcamp provided by Wild Code School,  I told myself "this is my opportunity!"

I’ve studied the curriculum closely before I signed up for the course and found it very well designed. It covers the basic tech stack in order to become a Junior Web Developer but there’s also a whole module about React - one of the most sought after skills in modern web development.

How did it work? How did it go for you?

The further I went with this course, the more skills I’ve learned, including technical skills, soft skills and how to handle job interviews. But most importantly, I was taught how to learn by myself, how to look for an answer for a question I might have, how to master a difficult subject and the mindset for picking up a new skill.

Now that it's done, how did it change your life? What is your work situation now?

I started applying to different jobs even before the course ended. There were plenty of opportunities that I could apply to. Thanks to months of learning and practicing at the Bootcamp, I was able to land a job at a tech company as a Front End Developer. My work-life balance has significantly improved and working on something that you’re passionate about makes it seem that you aren’t really ‘working’ anymore.

To whom would you recommend this type of program?

I would recommend this program to anyone who looks for a change towards a better career. People who love visual design, those who have analytical thinking and in general -  everyone that likes working on something cool -  can find their place in this career. 

Thank you Huyen for sharing your experience with us :)

Do you want to follow Huyen's footsteps? Come to our website and take a look at our Part-Time Front-end Course!