Is it actually possible to start a new career from scratch?

Published on 04 December 2019

Reading time 3 minutes

Can you believe that less than a month from now, it will be 2020 already? It’s unbelievable how time flies! A new year is approaching, and with it, comes new year’s resolutions. For some people that might mean the usual “going to the gym more”, “drink less”, “saving money”, however, for some of us, this new year might come with the dawning of a new chapter in our life and career. 

If you find yourself asking “Should I quit my job?” or “Is my career making me happy?” then, you might want to consider reskilling yourself just like many of the students on our full-stack web development course. 

Our instructor Vasile, is a shining example of a successful career switch. We sat down to discuss his experience and find out more about his journey from fashion designer to web developer.

Hey Vasile, could you please tell us a little bit about your background?

I come from Ukraine. I went to college there where I studied Fashion Design. Then I got a masters in Law, and I moved to the England 2 years ago.

Why have you decided to change your career? 

I really like computers since I was a kid and, in Ukraine, I was running a tech business, I was managing developers for 8 years. I found that it is very interesting for me so I decided to try myself as a developer. 

And why in tech? 

Tech has been a hobby for a long time now, when I was in school I was the person who could fix your computer, reinstall Windows etc.

After realising that your future was in tech what made you decide to take a bootcamp instead of the conventional university path? 

I already had a University degree and Computer science degree is not what makes you a developer, they have a lack of practical learning and still, it takes a few years. For me, it’s better to spend a few months in bootcamp and a few years as a developer rather than the same time just to get a CS degree.

Did you find yourself ready to start working as a web developer when you completed the course? 

I was hired in the middle of the course, but to be honest, even now, after 3 years as a developer I’m not confident that I’m good enough for a tech job :) with coding, we always need to be learning more. 

What was the most challenging in the career change path?

Self-discipline. It’s hard to start as programming is tough and you have nobody to ask for help. With bootcamps you have defined pace and people you can always ask for help.

Do you think it is possible to start a new career from scratch? And what is your advice for people that are going on this journey? 

Everything is possible!!! Persevere your goals. We all have good and bad days, but it means nothing. Everyone can become a developer you just have to fight for your dreams and don’t give up. 

If you were inspired by Vasile’s story and you are considering a career in web development why not get in touch with Wild Code School today?