Isabella: "I felt that Organic Agriculture was in need of more technological solutions"

Published on 12 December 2019

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Isabella moved to Portugal, from the U.S.A., when she was 17 years old. After studying Organic Agriculture for two years, she decided that she didn’t want to work on that field. In search of a career change, she enrolled in Wild Code School. As a student in the Lisbon Campus, she learned Web Development and is now working as a Junior Frontend Developer.

Why did you decide to start a career in the digital field, rather than something else?

My father is a programmer and he always encouraging me to try something in this area. Also, in my former area of studies, I felt that Organic Agriculture was in need of more technological solutions, so that also contributed to my interest in the digital field, in general. 

Another thing I like about this field is that the market is very demanding and jobs in this area often include working remotely. It’s also a field where there are good perspectives regarding future job opportunities.

What was your main motivation to enroll for this specific training rather than another one?

I chose Wild Code School’s training because it involved React and Node.js, which are the two technologies I was most interested in. These languages are also used regularly by companies in the digital field, so that was taken into consideration in the decision process.

What are you doing now? Do you have any idea of your plans for the future? 

Well, I finished the course in July, and by September I had already found a job working at a consultant, and I’ve been there for the last three months. Consultants are usually interested in people like me, with a Junior Profile, so I took the opportunity! I am learning a lot, but for the future, I would like to work for a product based company.

If you could say something to yourself before you started the training, what would it be?

Don’t stress, research. :)

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