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Published on 14 April 2021

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Looking to pick up more IT skills but can't find the time or don't know where to start? In this article, you'll find all our advice on meshing your schedule with your desire to delve into IT!

Rushing to get groceries before curfew or homeschooling has become your daily routine? Remote work, lockdown, travel restrictions, and closed offices and schools may have started to seem like a vague memory of the past year... but your motivation to expand your IT knowledge has only grown.

If you, too, are wondering about professional retraining, upgrading your skills, or learning the basics of web development, data analysis, cybersecurity, or product management, you've come to the right place.

Let us guide you through our resources to explore the world of tech step by step. The best part? We'll work around your schedule!

Have little time? Opt for the Job Guides

Are you curious about Tech jobs but only have a few minutes in your busy day?

No need to panic! We offer Job Guides to enjoy after lunch or between meetings.

In the Job guides below, discover the typical days, daily tools, and essential skills to access these jobs:

Web Developer Job Guide

Web developer job guide

Product Manager Job Guide

Product manager job guide

And to know more about the Data analyst job, check out our dedicated web page!

Have an hour or two to spare? We invite you to our dedicated events

An hour or two to kill after dropping your kids off at tennis class, before lunch or after a day of work?

We offer many events each week to introduce you to IT and answer all your questions:

  • Workshops on coding, data and product management
  • Conferences to exchange with recruitment experts and our alumni on career opportunities in the IT industry
  • Presentations of our school to discover training areas we offer and the formats available: part-time vs. full-time, remote or on campus, etc.
  • Much more!

If you want to feed your quest for IT knowledge, come join our Tech Workshops and Wild Talks!

Tech Workshops: Introductions every Wednesday evening

3 people coding on their computer

Learn the basics of a new profession! Every week, Wild Code School offers you a free hour with one of our instructors to learn more about coding, data analysis, and cybersecurity.

These weekly events are an opportunity to find out—at your own pace—whether one of many tech professions is right for you, and to help you in your career transition or in your IT upskilling.

The good part is no prerequisites! Most of our Tech workshops are made for beginners.

Wild Talks: round tables and conferences

Still hesitating to dive in and choose the right training according to your background, goals, and projects? Our Wild Talks are conferences on various tech topics.

Find testimonials from alumni, recruiting partners, or tech experts - whether they are web and/or mobile developers, data analysts, cybersecurity analysts, product managers, and many others!

Click on the following link to watch the replay of the latest Tech Panel (Future of Tech jobs in 2021)!

replay of the tech panel about the future of tech jobs in 2021

Do you have more than 10 hours to practice and learn code or data at your own pace? Start online with our free prep courses

Do you have spare time on weekends or a few hours at the end of the day after putting the kids to bed?

At Wild Code School, we like to learn at our own pace and while traveling and having fun! It only takes about 10 hours to complete our Web developer and Data analyst prep courses. These will guide you through the vast world of IT.

In the program of the Web developer prep course:

  • Discuss the Web developer’s job
  • Discover wireframes and HTML
  • Learn how to style your website with CSS
  • Discover the basics of JavaScript and implement it in a website

About the Data analyst prep course:

  • Explore the Data analyst's job
  • Discover the Python language
  • Learn about datasets, data cleaning and data mining
  • Review some basics of statistics

Have you succeeded in our prep course? If you liked it and want to go further, it's time to start our application process.

Great news: this prep course will allow you to pass the Tech challenge with flying colors.

Apply here to our prep courses!

Do you have evenings ahead of you? Opt for our evening classes

Our training courses adapt to your constraints! From the comfort of your own home, after a busy day, you can connect for live sessions to our evening distance learning courses.

Our part-time training courses are given on weekday evenings and every other Saturday! You can expect to be autonomous and ready to roll after five months.

Part-time Front-end developer training course

In just five months, you'll be able to develop interactive websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies and complete web development projects with React.

Find out more about the part-time front-end developer training course!

Part-time Business intelligence analyst training course

After five months, you'll be able to code in Python, collect data automatically using SQL, build reports, and automate them using business intelligence tools.

Find out more about the part-time Business intelligence analyst training course!

Part-time Product manager training course

At the end of your five-month training, designed in partnership with Productized, you'll have learned how to develop a product from A to Z by touching not only on design (UX, UI, prototype, design sprint), strategy, but also on conception (user stories, roadmap, backlog), product launch, and follow-up (measurement tools, data analysis).

Moreover, you'll develop your skills thanks to the introduction of web development (discovery of programming languages and frameworks, creation of web prototypes) and data analysis (databases, data visualization) within the training.

Find out more about our part-time Product manager training course!

Do you have 5 months? Perfect for our full-time training courses

As you ponder your professional future, you come across one of our five-month full-time courses. That's it, you've found your path and are ready to make the leap!

More of a Web developer?

Full-time Full stack developer training course

In five months, you'll be able to develop interactive websites and design a web application from A to Z with technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll be capable of integrating a user interface, and you'll have built a large portfolio thanks to projects throughout your training with React/Node JS or PHP/Symfony or Java/JEE.

More information about the Full stack developer training course!

More of a Data analyst?

Full-time Data analyst training course

This five-month training program includes learning the tools to address data processing techniques at all stages of the data life cycle: data collection, preparation, exploitation, and restitution.

You'll have the opportunity to acquire skills in statistics, programming (Python, R...), database (SQL, NoSQL...), web (analytics, API, Web scraping, Flask...), data visualization (Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh...), business intelligence (Tableau Software, Power BI, Qlickview...) and big data and artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning...).

More information about the full-time Data analyst training!

To sum up, what best suits your schedule?

No matter what your schedule and profile are, we have the right resource for you:

  • 10 minutes to read the Job Guides and find out more about the job you're interested in: typical day, daily tools, and essential skills
  • 1 hour to learn how to code or learn more about the data field with one of our instructors with our online Tech workshops
  • 10 hours to practice and learn independently with our prep courses
  • Evenings and weekends off to train remotely in various IT fields
  • 5 months to retrain or upskill through our remotely or on-campus

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