From Italy to France: let's retrace Vincenzo's footsteps toward becoming a web developer!

Published on 13 June 2022

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After living in Italy for 19 years, Vincenzo decided to build his career abroad. From cook to web developer, discover his story!

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Hello, Vincenzo! Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What was your background before joining Wild Code School?

Hello, my name's Vincenzo and I'm 28 years old. At the age of 19, I left my small village in Sicily, Italy to come live in France. I have been living here for nine years, and I've spent eight of those years working in the two Disneyland Paris parks as a cook in one of the hotels.

What made you want to go into web development?

Following a work accident and thanks to Covid-19, I took some much-needed time to think things through and make a career change.

I've always had a particular curiosity about social networks, digital marketing, and web design.

I created a website for the travel agency LG Travel with WordPress, and thanks to this small project, I chose to aim at a reconversion in web development.

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Why did you choose Wild Code School over another school?

If I ran with Wild Code School, it's because to enter other schools, you need to have previously attained a certain level. Here, even if you're just setting out, you can fully participate.

Moreover, being employed, I didn't have an extended period to be able to attend classes.

Wild Code School was the best option in terms of learning time/course, internship period, and cost. 

You've just come off the five-month web developer training at Wild Code School Paris. Any highlights to share with us? What did you learn from it?

I had a lot of great moments at Wild Code School. Probably the presentation of my third project (one for a real company). This was one of those moments, because I saw the final result of nearly two months of work with a wonderful team and the pride of having participated in this project.

Otherwise, during these five months, I had a wonderful time. I had a great chance to meet two instructors and very cool, nice, caring, and funny colleagues. Some of them have even become friends!

How to combine tourism and tech?

You participated in the creation of an online travel agency. Can you tell us more about it?

Before I came to Wild Code School, I had the opportunity to help create an online travel agency with my sister.

I didn't know anything about web development—not even how to "make" a website.

I spent a lot of time between YouTube tutorials and articles, but thanks to my curiosity, constancy, and perseverance, I ultimately chose to concentrate on website design, where you can find all the travel offers, services, and personalized experiences as well as a blog section and contact form.

There are surely improvements that can still be made, but for a true novice, I was proud of the result.

In your opinion, what challenges does the digitalization of the travel and leisure industry present?

This is a question that can be answered in different ways.

The more important issues are:

  • reassure clients/tourists throughout the preparation of the trip and/or experience
  • be more present (and thus more interactive) with tourists during their stay
  • provide all possible and necessary information that can be consulted even without internet access

On the more personal, "human" side, in my opinion, the most important issue is to succeed in reassuring tourists but at the same time push them to disconnect a little from social networks during their stay and take 100% advantage of the present of the unforeseen events that can happen, to go with the flow...

Final words

Do you have any plans for the future, and if so, could you share them with us?

For the short term, my project is to rebuild the travel agency's website from scratch with the goal of solidifying the knowledge that I was able to glean during this training and succeed in integrating new technical skills that I'm acquiring, and to offer the travel agency's services to a French-speaking public.

For the long term, my personal project is to have an experience abroad to further improve and develop my skills, all the while discovering new technologies and especially improving my English, because in this field, knowing how to read, write, and speak in English is essential.

Thanks for all these answers! Might you have any final words for future Wilders who might have cold feet?

For future Wilders, I'd just suggest you try out new activities. If you feel like you're on the right track or like you might enjoy what you're learning, just try and have fun during the training. :-)

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