Javier: From Chemistry Teacher to Entrepreneur to Web Developer

Published on 02 June 2020

Reading time 1 minute

What is your background?

I was a chemistry teacher for more than 10 years and the director of my middle school. I decided to quit to start my own nautical sports company a few years ago, and then I started my training with Wild Code School 5 months ago.

What prompted my professional transition towards digital was....

After starting my own company, I realized how important the digital tools like websites and mobile apps are for any business. I have always been passionate by new technologies so I decided to follow my passion and start a new career.

Why did you chose to go for a digital career?

As said, digital has always been a passion and I had developed a business around my other passion which are nautical sports. This was sort of the next step for me.

Why made you pick Wild Code School?

I heard about it from another alumni in France and the programme covered everything I wanted to learn. Moreover in France the school has a good reputation and I like the fact that it had other international campuses.

My experience in the Madrid campus was excellent and I felt cared for at every moment by both the teacher and the campus manager. I joined the Web Development 5 months program starting 13th January 2020 in Madrid. I just finished the training and I’m doing a short term job for one of the start ups of the EU hackathon organised by Wild Code School and ISDI accelerator.

What's your career plan?

I would like to work for an IT company where I live as a front-end developer. It is important for me that the company is ethical and care for people and sustainable development.

If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell him

Be prepared to work hard and a lot.

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