Learn code without quitting your job!

Published on 03 March 2020

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The thing about tech courses and bootcamps is that the more intensity and focus you put on them, the better prepared you are after you finish them. Despite that, obviously, we know that not everyone can not afford to leave their full-time jobs to dive head first into a career reconversion.

With that in mind, we remodeled our Part-Time Course in Lisbon in order to obtain a balanced mix of intensity, workload and in-demand skills, sought after by the tech market.

Our goal is to prepare students to become Front-End Web Developers in 5 months. Whether they are complete beginners in this area, or they already have started their path and are looking for some guided improvement - it’s our mission to help them finish the course as Front-End Developers, ready to enter the job market.

Through 330 hours of class, the objective is for them to acquire technical skills, while developing websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and React. There’s also a big focus on professionalization, with lots of employability coaching and help with job opportunities.

Teaching this renewed course will be former Full-Time Student, Anelisy Nagano. In her words: “with dedication and patience, you will be able to develop the necessary skills to dominate the world (of web development).”

The first opening for this new Course will be on April 20th, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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