Learn to code: why is it important?

Published on 04 December 2017

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Today, code is everywhere. Behind this page you're reading? Code. In every app on your smartphone? Code. Facebook? Code. You ordered a pizza online recently? You guessed it—code strikes again! Code is omnipresent. Make no mistake, learning code can actually help us understand the world we live in. But do you have to learn how to code to understand it? Or do you have to make it your job? Here we'll answer all your questions!

How do I learn to code?

What does coding involve?

Thanks to the mastery of web development and at least one of the different programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc.), you will be able to:

  • Create a website via a CMS (Content Manager System), such as WordPress for example, which is similar to a platform for creating and pre-constructing a website where you can interweave blocks of text, images, and other content in order to obtain a beautiful graphic interface, and an intelligent and ergonomic layout
  • Create a website from scratch, completely custom-designed and coded by web developers
  • Design a functional and efficient application (mobile or web) that meets the needs set upstream
  • Overcome bugs and other malfunctions
  • Much more!

Who can learn to code?

At Wild Code School, we believe that there is no typical profile or prerequisite for learning to code or joining an IT training program. On the contrary, whether you come from the education sector or the textile industry, whether you're leaving everything to start over in a new country, or whether you want your life to take a different turn... It's never too late to retrain or upgrade your skills in tech. Our Wilders are the best examples of this.

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What qualities are essential for programming?

If you have motivation to spare, the desire to succeed, an abundance of creativity, and team spirit, and if you're part of this great family of curious techies, coding is undoubtedly for you!


Because motivation and the desire to succeed give you the strength to persevere, to continue to learn throughout your life and not to remain frozen while the world of technology evolves a little more each day.

Because creativity and curiosity push you to think further by allowing you to work out problems by yourself and find solutions in no matter what circumstances!

And lastly, because team spirit is central in web development! Developers often work in teams, so you have to know how to share the ups and downs of the computer world—the failures and successes—but always come out stronger.

How long does it take to learn to code?

Although becoming a self-taught programmer can be tempting, having dedicated coaching and intensive training enables you to more effectively adapt to new methods to become operational quickly and build a solid knowledge base.

Just a few hours start learning programming

Programming is a vast universe in which one can easily get lost between different programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and many others) and frameworks.

To dive into the world of coding, here are some 100% free online tools and events that you may find useful:

Take the next step

If we could define a duration for each step of your code learning, considering that you're determined to pursue intensive training, the optimal time lapse would be five months.

At Wild Code School, we offer five-month training courses (such as the Full stack web developer course) for people who wish to change careers, professionals wishing to upskill, or students wishing to specialize in a certain field.

Discover the chronological sequence of your training in programming!

Acquire a tech background:

  • After two weeks: you'll have discovered the main theoretical aspects of the web, understood how web pages are built, and learned the functional usefulness and different applications of a programming language.
  • By the end of your first month: you'll have put your theoretical knowledge into practice through an initial concrete project and know what solutions to use in case a problem arises.

Become a professional:

  • By the end of three months: you'll have discovered advanced programming concepts in depth. You'll now possess a mastery of the standard concepts of app architecture and be able to put your new knowledge into practice through a second concrete project.
  • After five months—and once your training is complete—you'll at last be ready and operational for the world of work as a junior web developer. You'll have a complete and rewarding project portfolio, including a client project that you will have carried out for one of our partners.

To foster further knowledge and exploration and share professional experience in web development, we strongly advise our students to seek an internship after their training.

But really—why learn to code?

Coding is another way to access reality and understand the world around us

Whether in our consumption habits or in our professional or personal projects, we're surrounded by code from the first minute we use a digital platform or a digital object. Computers, cell phones, YouTube videos, news websites, social media are all chock full of code.

That's why we need both beginners with a thirst for practice and people with the basics of coding—but also professional coders who produce software and create online solutions for businesses.

Learning programming has become essential! Training courses like those offered by Wild Code School are a new kind where we don't just look at diplomas or past experience, but more at motivation, and the desire to succeed and continuously learn!

Computer programming allows us to invent tomorrow's businesses

Regardless of gender, sector, or background, coding is a profession of the future, open to all, for inventing tomorrow's businesses!

We need people who code and who are entrepreneurs at the same time—especially women, because there are still relatively few of them in this field! Indeed, long seen as a purely male domain,  coding is far from being only a man's job. And yet, integrating more women into the world of programming seems essential—even inevitable—for developing gender diversity within the digital professions.

Learning to code is like learning a new language

One could learn coding as a new language, a way to structure, think, and acquire a new way of writing. One could even say that, finally, code tells a story.

There are many reasons to learn how to code. One of them is simply the desire to understand how search engines or digital platforms work. That aside, you can also learn computer programming, a particular programming language, or the basics of web development to make it your profession.

But dedicating five years of study just to learn to code would be a waste of time! Technologies evolve very fast, that's why the most important thing would be simply learning how to learn throughout life.

The developer’s job is in high demand today

Today, the developer's job is in high demand, and we need many more coders in our society. We need to digitize all the processes to improve the functioning of all the entities of our society. Whether paying bills, booking appointments or services, or subscribing online, these elements are becoming more and more essential for companies. At the same time, given the needs, few web development positions are filled!

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