Why you should learn web development at Wild Code School

Why you should learn web development at Wild Code School

Published on 20 March 2019

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Every day a new bootcamp, course or master degree appear to learn web development. You have checked all of them but still don’t know how to decide? And the fact is that  the more you investigate, the more confused you become. There are so many options!

We’ll make your life easier and give you 10 reasons why you should join Wild Code School. Although there are many more, and we had to shorten the list …

1. Because it’s a face-to-face intensive training

Online training is not 100% effective. Only a small percentage of e-learning students get an effective training. Without a mentor available to coach you it’s difficult to find the accurate content and quickly get your answers.

After several months of intensive and hard work at Wild Code School you will become a professional web developer. The training content is dense, you will spend many hours working in front of your computer to learn web development. But you won’t be alone! You can count on the trainer and the Wilders community to support you.

2. Because you have time to go deeper into the concepts

Our 5-month training program includes more than 700 hours of face-to-face training. A lot! But why five months and not three, or two? Why have we chosen a longer length for our programme? The reason is simple: this is the minimum time you need to learn web development and be 100% operational as a professional web developer in a company.

You will deepen your knowledge of programming languages and the structure of the code. Programming languages ​​are more stable over time, unlike frameworks. You can program with the latter, but often new frameworks will replace old ones in a short period of time. It’s crucial to know the basics of a programming language to face every new change and  challenges.

Learning with us is more time consuming indeed, but you really have the ability to practice, digest content and be operational as a programmer once you finish the 5-month programme.

3. Because you do projects with real clients

Have you heard about portfolio? It’s a sample of your projects, both real and prototypes of applications. Showing these projects is fundamental when it comes to finding a job as a web developer. Companies value what you have done and your practical skills, not the titles you have.

During the Wild Code School training course you will learn web development by realizing three projects, one among them for a real client. You will meet with that company, listen to their needs and use your creativity to translate their requests into the project. These projects will be your cover letter as a programmer.

4. Because it’s international

Wild Code School has campuses all over Europe and we are expanding! There are already Wilders in France, Belgium, Germany, England …

During the training, you will connect with other campuses abroad to see their projects, exchange best practices, etc… In case you have any questions, you can ask students from other countries.

As a Wilder, you will always be part of a dynamic international community. If you consider working in another country and establish yourself as a developer there, our local campus will help you to investigate the ecosystem.

5. Because our training is made by professionals for the real-world

I wish we were told as a child that school and university studies have little to do with the workplace…

At Wild Code School, what you do during the course really helps you getting ready to work in a company. We have created a program to learn web development very similar to what you will find in the workplace. Our trainers come from the industry with 5 to 10 years of experience. They know exactly the problems you will face along the way, the ecosystem, the needs of a company, and have a contagious appetite for programming. They are specialists, they know how fast the technology is moving and that’s why they update the contents of the course every six months to match the industry needs.

As part of a team in a company you will work with project management methodologies to deliver your tasks on time and correctly. During the training, you will use the SCRUM methodology to be ready.

6. Because our goal is for you to find a job

We put all our efforts in coaching you for the real-world and finding a job after the bootcamp. Ever since we started, we have trained more than 1,000 programmers with a 90% placement rate among our students.

In addition to learning hard skills, you will discover which soft skills are the most sought after by companies and we’ll help you develop them: public presentations, communication skills, technical interviews, … You will also benefit from personalized career advice and have access to a job board we built with partner companies.

7. Because we open the doors of the Tech industry

The Tech industry is composed of active communities eager to learn new skills, discuss and exchange ideas. When you join the Wilders community, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet with the industry. Every week an industry professional will give a talk to help you grow as a programmer. We will organise hackathon and attend events inside the ecosystem to increase your connection network.

8. Because you will never be out of work or need a university degree

The world is changing. Companies do not always require degrees anymore for technical positions. We could give you many examples of web developers who did not graduate from university.

Every day there is more software, more applications … And the need is not going to decrease in the coming years since the boom of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is expected to happen soon. There is a real lack of professionals and jobs are left unfilled. In Europe we are talking about 900,000 digital jobs by 2020.

While the demand for technical profiles increases, the supply stagnates because traditional education is no longer able to provide sufficient and updated professionals at the pace technology advances.

9. Because you will learn how to learn

Technology professionals know they will spend their entire career updating themselves if they want to stay competitive in the workplace.

At Wild Code School we teach you how to be self-taught, develop a taste for learning and professional growth so you can progress in your career. We put at your disposal the Odyssey learning platform, where our experts curate the most interesting content, tutorials and courses. You will have life-access to this platform!

10. Because we are open to every profile

The typical web developer stereotype is that of a geek wearing a Star Wars tee-shirt, but it’s not true anymore. Companies expect diverse profiles of people with different experiences, tastes, hobbies … It’s not just for boys anymore, more and more women are seen in technical positions. The teams are composed of multidisciplinary professionals, from the most specialized Back-end to UX design.

We select highly motivated students to become web developers, with teamwork abilities and logical thinking. Your age, titles or prior knowledge doesn’t matter at all. Our classes reflect that diversity. The important thing for us is the passion for programming and the hunger to learn.

Do you want to learn web development? Check our website wildcodeschool.com