Matilde "My current situation is much better than before the program started"

Published on 04 March 2020

Reading time 1 minute

Our Web Development students just finished their course last February. We asked Matilde some questions about her experience as a Wild Code School student in Lisbon! 

Matilde has an academic background as an engineer and decided to turn her career into a different direction, by becoming a developer.

What is your background?

Before the course I was unemployed. I studied Energy and Environment Engineering but I was never able to find work in the area. I did two internships and then I worked as a receptionist/manager at a hostel.

Why did you look into learning Web Development in the first place?

It was my brother who, by working in the field, encouraged me to research more about web development.

How did it go for you?

After taking some online courses I decided to look for a course that would allow me to learn the whole process of web development and where I had the support of a teacher.

Everything went better than I was initially expecting. The school was great, the colleagues were also amazing and I found something I'm really passionate about.

What is your work situation now?

My current situation is much better than before the program started. I'm going to start an internship and the job possibilities are great. Life is going much better.

To whom would you recommend this type of program?

Anyone who likes technology and needs a boost in their lives, or is thinking about changing their career path.

See Matilde's LinkedIn profile and check out our Web Development Course!