Meet Wild Code School students #1

Published on 15 July 2019

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Trained as a sales associate, Alexis worked as a marketing assistant and as a team leader at McDonald’s but somehow he knew that this was not fulfilling enough. After traveling a lot he decided to pursue the career of a software developer at the age of 28.


Alexis journey to become a developer

I discovered coding through a web design training and started to learn about HTML and CSS. I quickly understood that I want to learn more about software development. After coding a bit on my own I decided to join Wild Code School in Lyon.

Today, digital topics are more and more present in all companies, no matter how big they are. A lot of things are happening through the web nowadays and I enjoy being responsible developing websites.


Developers are not asocial people

Unlike the clichés developers are not asocial people at all. They exchange ideas and help each other a lot. They are a big community around a common passion: programming.

I could already see it at Wild Code School, where all the students were very collaborative and open minded. Also the spirit of the courses at Wild Code School is a match compared to the classical way of teaching. The educational approach is very effective. When I was going through professional interviews, I realised that what I learned at Wild Code School is close to what businesses are looking for. I felt very well prepared.

I advise people who want to learn computer programming to code every day. We can make mistakes but it does not matter. You have to keep going, give the best of you and enjoy your time at Wild Code School.