More women in cybersecurity jobs and training programs

Published on 23 July 2019

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Wild Code School partners with the Cercle des Femmes de la Cybersécurité (CEFCYS - Women in Cybersecurity Society) aiming at facilitating women's access to cybersecurity professions and training programs. True to its desire to train technical specialists in promising fields, the school wanted to encourage the feminization of its cybersecurity training programs from the core up. Giving future students every opportunity to succeed in a field - for the time being! - dominated by men. 

Cybersecurity: definition

Refers to all the security tools and procedures used to protect the digital environment (the cyber environment). Cybersecurity protects people, ideas and data at the same time. 

An industry with inequalities 

The imbalance between the number of women and men in cybersecurity worldwide is significant: women represent only 11% of IT security professionals despite a heavily recruiting sector at the global level (according to the 2017 study "Women in Cyber" by Deloitte). A study carried out among 5,000 digital professionals (on behalf of Kaspersky Lab, a company specialising in cybersecurity) revealed that a third of female European digital workers are discouraged by the lack of gender diversity, representing a direct obstacle for 53% of them, who are much less inclined to join a company where women are under-represented. 

A tailored training that will make a significant contribution 

In order to meet this essential challenge for the future of the industry, the Wild Code School decided to partner with CEFCYS. Since its creation, the organization has welcomed women working in professions related to information systems security, as well as all those who are aspiring to a career in this field. CEFCYS promotes women's skill profiles and the role they have to play in cybersecurity through the implementation of numerous promotional actions, educational programs and awareness campaigns (in particular among recruiters). 

Future students of the "Cybersecurity Analyst" training courses initiated by the Wild Code School will be able to benefit from the active support of the CEFCYS network of professionals during their training, and also as part of their job search, in addition to integrating the community of Cybersecurity Wilders. The first cybersecurity classes will thus focus on the promotion of female profiles..... 

To be continued!