November 19-20 Hackathon: Announcement of the winners!

Published on 30 November 2020

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On November 19th and 20th, our 490 Wilders worked hard on various tech projects during the latest hackathon. Cannot wait to discover the big winners and their achievements? Let’s check it out!

What is a hackathon?

hackathon is a challenging event in which the participants, divided into teams, are given an issue to solve in a limited time. If we could describe it with two words, they would be creation and innovation for sure! Wild Code School organizes a total of 4 hackathons a year of 24 to 48 hours straight. It is an opportunity for our Wilders to excel and put their knowledge to good use while having fun and reinforcing solidarity within the team.

A renewed challenge on November 19 and 20, 2020

Our 396 developers, 84 data analysts and 10 cyber security analysts from campuses across Europe gave their best. While some of them traveled back in time to solve our ancestors’ issues, others faced more recent ones...

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis and its preventive measures, 100% of the event took place online. Indeed, these circumstances did not prevent our students from creating innovative projects.

The program 

November 19 at 10am - Launch of the Hackathon

November 19 at 10:30 am to November 20 at 3 pm - Reflection, analysis and creation

November 20 at 3pm - Demo per campuses

November 26 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm - Each campus winning teams’ final presentations and announcement of winners

The main themes our Wilders have dealt with

Back to the future

All the developers on our European campuses had to tackle the following theme: Back To the Future. It led them to reflect on past issues that could have been solved with our current capabilities and technologies. 

Real-estate market

Our data analysts on the campuses of Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris and French Remote had to produce data-based analysis to help the today's real-estate market players to respond more specifically to the current needs.

Pentest: Penetration test

And last but not least, our cybersecurity analysts at the Paris campus had to carry out a penetration test on physical machines, with a focus on the Python programming language.

And the winners of the hackathon are...


The team of the Lyon campus: The CupcakeManager with their project "Is your neighbor a witch?", an app that allows you to detect and report the potential sorcerers and witches in your neighborhood.

Cyber analysts 

The Paris team composed of Yacine, Ahmed & Abou with their Pickle Vulnerability project!

Here are the presentations of the dev and cyber teams:


Data analysts

The French Remote campus team: #teamSuzanne with their project "Where to live remotely", which is an interface that allows users to find the best place to work remotely, according to 7 criteria (population, connectivity, health, land value, transportation, services and leisure).

Here are the presentations of the data teams:


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