Wild Code School Lisbon announces a partnership with Siemens!

Published on 13 March 2019

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The Portuguese technology market is growing and with it the offer for web / mobile developers. That’s why Wild Code School bet on the opening of a Campus in Lisbon for 2019.

Wild Code School top priority is to train good professionals who easily integrate into the job market. For this, in addition to betting on a bootcamp of 5 months focused on soft and hard skills, Wild Code School also focus on having good partners.

In Lisbon Wild Code School chose to sign a partnership with Siemens because they have a Tech Hub with almost 600 IT experts working for the world. They invest heavily on education and have already established internship partnerships with the best universities in the country.

Wild Code School 5-month bootcamp was very well received  to train people on the technologies that Siemens developers work with.

So we decided to move forward with an internship from September to November 2019. Siemens will ensure that during these three months the students will integrate teams where they can be accompanied, learn and grow a lot. The initial internship might have continuity for another 9 months if the expectations from both trainee and Siemens are met.

It is a giant step in Wild Code School integration in Portugal and a great bet on talent. Know more about the Lisbon Tech Hub here: siemens.pt/lxtechhubIf you want to change your life for an adventure as Web Developer in Lisbon, come and join us!