Paul "I want to combine web development with my architectural knowledge and create beautiful things"

Published on 23 December 2019

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My background?

I studied architecture and economic engineering then graduated only in engineering. After finishing University I took on a quite different professional path and got to work in the logistics field. I've always been leaning towards technology and this brought me to this point. I want to combine the knowledge acquired in this course with my architectural knowledge and create beautiful things.


What prompted my professional transition was...

First of all, I wanted to completely change the domain and the environment. The idea of learning programming was born from my passion for creating things and for technology. Also to this idea contributed the fact that I wish the products created by me reach the whole world.


Why did I choose to reorient myself in the digital field?

Because I am passionate about it and I truly believe that here I can do things that will have an impact on a larger scale.

I started the courses on September 30th in Bucharest, Full Stack Developer courses.

 My main motivation was the willingness to overcome myself and I really liked the discussion with the campus manager, Irina, which made me choose these courses which fit me best.

What about after the Wild Code School, do you have a plan ready?

Not really, I do not have a well-established plan but my dream job is to be a freelancer. I want to have the freedom to create everything that goes through my head.


If I could talk to my pre-training "me", I would tell her:

Be patient! Only good things can happen and in the end, you will succeed.

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