Productized Masterclasses: The Top Notch Event for Product Management

Published on 29 March 2021

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Do you want to learn more about Product Management from the top specialists in the field? Look no further. On May 27-28, Productized will celebrate a major event with the greatest profiles in the sector.

A partnership between Productized and Wild Code School

Wild Code School partnered up with Productized and just launched their first cohort in Product Management. A 5-month training program with 5 instructors that will guide the class to create a scalable digital product. 8 students from different nationalities gather in this remote exclusive training to get the very best of 2 reputable institutions that are referents in the tech sector.

During these 5 months, our students not only are going to learn the fundamentals of product management, UX-UI research, scalability, agile methodologies, web development and data analysis from their instructors but are going to have the possibility to attend the amazing masterclasses organized by Productized.

Masterclasses about Product Management for everyone

The good news is, this is not specifically dedicated to students! Anybody can attend this spectacular event from the comfort of their homes to hear lectures of renown professionals in the sector.

The Productized Masterclasses are 2 half-days of hands-on masterclasses and insightful keynote speakers. On May 27-28, you’ll enjoy 4 masterclasses of your choice, get practical tips, and network with your peers.

These 2 days will be focused on:

  • Product
  • Growth
  • Strategy
  • Experience
  • Networking

Depending on your interests, you can select between the Enterprise Product and the Consumer Product. The objective is to enjoy 4 masterclasses along with 2 keynotes from the top experts in Product Development and have the chance to network with the assistant and, of course, the trainers.

La crème de la crème of Product Management

And you might be asking yourself who are the trainers? Well, no others than the very best in the sector - no kidding! Here is a sneak peek on the profiles and the conferences:

Teresa Torres - How to Identify and Test Your Solution Assumptions

Do you want to become a strong Product Manager? Teresa Torres is a reference when it comes to building a strong product management and design organization. She has trained hundreds of teams at different size companies, from early stage startups to global enterprises and has taught over 6,500 product people core discovery skills through the Product Talk Academy. Her teaching method is a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery that helps product teams infuse their daily product decisions with customer input.

In this talk, you will:

  • Learn how to test the assumptions that need to be true in order for your ideas to work
  • See the importance of building and testing
  • You’ll see a structured approach for how to take an idea, break it down into its underlying assumptions, and quickly prioritize the ones that need to be tested.
  • Get a simple framework to design fast and better

Dan Olsen - “How to Build the Right Product for the Right People

If you are somehow interested in Product, this name should be ringing bells in your head. Dan Olsen is no other but the author of one of the greatest books in the field: The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer Feedback.

Want to know more about Olsen? He’s not only a great author, but he has been working as a consultant for companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Walmart, Box, Medallia, and One Medical Group. Before that, he was a Product Lead at Intuit and also within several startups. Dan currently lives in Silicon Valley, where he founded the monthly Lean Product Meetup which has over 10,000 members.

During his conference, you will:

  • Learn Dan Olsen’s key framework on how to achieve product-market fit through his lean product process
  • Determine your target customer, identify underserved customer needs and define your value proposition
  • Understand concepts with real-world examples and case studies
  • Turn Product Management into more of a science than an art to improve your odds of success
  • Get more insights from his book

Radhika Dutt - Radical Product Thinking: your way to a strategic role as a product leader

If you want to level up to a more senior role as a Product Manager, this is the talk for you! Radhika Dutt, a Product Leader that has built products and participated in four acquisitions from them, is the guest speaker. She’s an outstanding advisor on Product Thinking for organizations that goes from Governments to high-tech startups. This autumn, she will launch a book with Berret Koehler on Radical Product Thinking. She graduated from MIT with an SB and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and speaks nine languages while learning her tenth. You can follow her on her Medium publication or on LinkedIn.

What will you learn from her:

  • The tactical and strategic role of the PM
  • How to align teams by crafting a clear vision and to spread your influence and way of thinking across your organization
  • Get to know the communication tools to help others develop an intuition for making decisions like you would
  • Practical techniques to level up and elevate your role as you build successful, world-changing products

GIBSON BIDDLE - Hacking Your Product Leader Career - webinar

If you are interested in managing or developing a platform product, or you are a Designer, Data analyst or Tech leader, you have to see Gibson Biddle. He joined Netflix as a VP back in 2005, and founded in 2010 his next startup called Chegg - a textbook rental and homework help company that went public in 2014 - and became its CEO. Today he’s an adviser, speaker, and guest lecturer at both Stanford University and INSEAD.
Why you should join:

  • It will help you approach your career in a more experimental way
  • Learn how to package and position yourself via the technical product and leadership skills of a product leader to form your own career hypotheses
  • You will see how important it is to have a Personal Board of Directors to solicit ongoing feedback from peers and mentors
  • And see that it’s all about packaging and positioning yourself for that role that’s a perfect fit for you

Kandis O’brien - “Redesigning Your Organization for Innovation

Do you want to scale your organization? Do you want to build strong product operations foundations? Well, this is the class for you.

Kandis O’brien is the co-founder of The SIX, a strategy and innovation consultancy that empowers enterprise clients like Google, Salesforce and Cisco and pioneering startups like Alucio and VianAI to ideate, collaborate and execute quickly and efficiently for sustainable growth. Kandis is passionate about helping organizations build better products, services and organizational cultures leveraging human-centered approaches including Design and Vision Sprints. She is also the organizer of Design Sprint NYC, the official Google Design Sprints Global Chapter community for practitioners and facilitators.
You should come if you want to:

  • Redesign your organization for innovation
  • Cocreate more adaptive and resilient organizations, you will learn tactics on how to use specific methods with focus on companies and discuss effective collaboration
  • Learn how to achieve shared goals and improve ways of working and amplify your teams’ ability
  • Know the five essential dimensions of organizational design, and Balancing Alignment and Autonomy
  • Come to learn how to design the right operating model for your company’s context and culture

Lauren Isaacson - Chasing Rabbits: turning research insights into informed decisions

Research is key to create the best Products. Here’s a saying among researchers, ‘Do a quant survey with 100 people and learn ten things. Do a qual study with ten people and learn 100 things.’ You will learn when research is only providing you a false sense of security.

Lauren Isaacson will guide this masterclass to understand when a study research can be deceiving and how to get the most out of them, she’s an expert on market and user experience research. She’s the current chapter co-chair of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association Pacific Northwest Chapter and the BC chapter of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association's former chair.

She will teach you:

  • Always question what they say
  • How to be a better consumer of research results
  • Get the best value from a qualitative and quantitative study
  • Be a better consumer of research results
  • And learn how to catch the best rabbits

Elie Casamitjana - Data-Driven Culture For High Impact Products with OKR

Improving performance in products and teams is the main objective of this class!  Indeed, you can see that data is useful for many things in the product life cycle: Product is at the crossroad of business, technology, customer experience, and more. So, when it comes to measuring what matters, there are some areas you’ll want to have a close look at, such as OKR (Objectives & Key Results) which is a goal management framework evangelized by Google and used by many tech companies and product teams around the globe. We’ll see together how it can help your product organization better prioritize, plan and execute with a data-driven, transparent and result oriented mindset.
Who is in charge? Elie Casamitjana. He helps leaders and founders through actionable consulting in innovation, product, and strategy. He has more than 10 years’ experience in Product Management, Go-to-market, Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Organisation design, Strategic Planning, OKR, Portfolio, Delivery and Program. In his career, he launched, grew and managed product lines at global level. As founder, investor or mentor, Elie also actively contributes to tech entrepreneurship initiatives addressing sustainable development.
And during this lecture, he will review:

  • The (Unexpected) Benefits Of Keeping The Score
  • The Key Metrics Areas To Look At
  • How To Leverage OKR To Stimulate A More Data-Driven Culture In Your Product

But this is just a sample of the amazing guest speakers…  Along with them, you can also listen to: Daniel Zacarias, specialist in developing product manager, Teresa Torres, who helps digital product teams adopt continuous product discovery practice, Ken Sandis, former VP of Product in top educational platforms like Masterclass and, Stefan Haas co-founder and CEO of #PoDojo where we help people create sustainable products customers love, and Catherine Louis, certified Scrum TrainerTM, independent Agile coach, and co-founder of the #PoDojo.

Do you want to join?

An extraordinary opportunity as you can see.
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