Professional Retraining: They Dared!

Published on 20 April 2020

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They were house painters, microbiologists, math teachers, physiotherapists, restaurant or supermarket managers, salesmen, waiters, marketing managers, social workers, cooks, telecom consultants, designers... and are web developers/data analysts today. 

We asked our Wilders to share their experiences with you as well as all of the different phases they faced: reflection periods, taking action, support etc. Armelle, Perrine, Morgan, Coralie C., Caroline, Josselyn, Aline, Antoine, Coralie R., Rémi, Laurent, Justine, Sébastien O., Leslie, Hélène, Sébastien P., Anthony, Jonathan, Guillaume, Thomas and Richard answered the questions you are probably thinking of :)

You're going around in circles in your current job and feeling less motivated than before? Are you having trouble finding a job in your line of work? They've been there too, that's what made them want to retrain.

"After 12 years in the same business, I needed a change! "(Perrine, former socio-cultural facilitator)

"I wanted a job that was less physical and more intellectual. "(Aline, former house painter and entrepreneur)

"I needed new challenges, to learn agile thinking, to break into the tech industry. "(Hélène, former marketing manager)

"There were few career opportunities in my field. "(Armelle, ex-microbiologist)

“I was concerned about my future because I was seeing a decrease in recruitment in my branch” (Julien, former branch manager and wealth management consultant).

Even if you want to retrain, you may hesitate and weigh the pros and cons for hours. How did you decide to act?

"The end of yet another temporary contract. "(Richard, former mutual administrative agent)

"A significant change in my previous job regarding the direction the company was taking. "(Laurent, ex head of a quality department)

"A burn-out in my previous job, and on top of that, probably the mid-life crisis! "(Rémi, ex restaurant manager)

All Wilders agree on one thing: one of the first criteria in choosing a pathtech was the promising job market. Opportunities, remuneration, possibility of evolution: so many factors should be considered when deciding whether or not to retrain. What else?

"For the concrete aspect of the job, and above all, because it's fun with lots of opportunities! "(Josselyn, former marketing manager)

"I was attracted to this job when I was younger, but I didn't have the skills according to my teachers... Wrong! "(Rémi)

"It’s an employment sector, but there are very few women. And I wanted to develop technical skills. "(Justine, former marketing manager)

"It's a constant profession that offers opportunities to work abroad. "(Thomas, ex visual merchandiser)

"I like the database side of sorting and analyzing, and making the data meaningful through graphical representations. "(Caroline)

"In the last years of my professional experience, I had noticed that more and more data was being used. I like numbers and so I tried to find jobs with a future that mix a few numbers and analysis" (Julien)

Your decision is made, the time has come: let's go! Retraining is a big leap into the unknown... Were they scared when they took the plunge? It's time to confess!

"Completely! I had been on contract for 5 years, in a comfortable situation: I was very good at my job--I was in a routine. Starting a professional retraining meant breaking this situation: we regularly ask ourselves if we're making the right choice, if we're going to succeed, if we're capable... On the other hand, as soon as the training starts and you realise that there are 30 people in the same situation, all fears disappear. To sum up: it's normal to be afraid, but you shouldn't take it into account! "(Anthony, ex-salesman)

"Scared of being too lame, dumb or old to succeed! "(Sébastien O., ex-counsellor)

"No big scares, the stress was more coming from the "impostor’s syndrome"  (Sébastien P., former product manager)

"Yes! I have responsibilities: a mortgage on my house, children to take care... But I love this kind of challenge! "(Morgan, former department manager in mass distribution)

"I had zero experience in tech and almost never saw a line of code before! The training is made so that we can get started gradually" (Julien)

Final word: a word of advice for those who hesitate to take the plunge?

"Don’t hesitate! But start searching a little on the web and practice beforehand to be sure! "(Josselyn)

"Life's too short to do a shitty job, just go for it: all you have to lose is meeting a great team and learning to see the world differently! "(Rémi)

"Listen to your little inner voice ;) " (Justine)

"Each boat has its own course and each its own destiny, trust your instincts ;)" (Morgan)

"Think carefully, talk to people in the sector, and start learning on your own before to ensure you're going to enjoy the journey. "(Coralie)

 "You shouldn’t wait to reach a point of no return in your professional path before starting to consider retraining. The idea of retraining must take root before it can really be considered. And when you feel ready, you should not hesitate! "(Caroline)

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