Sneak Peek into the Wild side of Bucharest

Published on 17 June 2019

Reading time 2 minutes

May 7th 2019 marks the day that Bucharest’s tech scenery turned a lil’ bit Wild(er). Why? Our Bucharest campus officially opened and our first ever session here started that day with an amazing group of super determined Wilders, looking to make a career change or further develop their skills, aka “the future devs of Bucharest” 🙂

Just like in the case of London, our first course is a part-time JavaScript Fullstack programme that can take anyone, regardless of background and previous knowledge “from 0 to coding hero” in 10 months of evening classes and here are some of the people who accepted this challenge and were determined to change their professional development:

  • Lavinia is a former banker who, in her own words, “found more pleasure in writing her first line of code than in 5 years of working in the Banking sector”
  • Huyen is a new and amazing mom looking to digitize her parents’ small business while working in a flexible and challenging environment
  • Lavinia ( nope, not a mistake: we have two 🙂 ) studied social sciences and currently works in an NGO, but ever since she discovered her passion for coding has not stopped learning. She’s proof that you don’t have to be a Maths expert to become a coding guru

These amazing ladies are all students in our Bucharest class, have very different profiles, but share one common denominator: strong motivation. So, if you’re still wondering “Do I have what it takes to learn coding?”, don’t think about your current role, don’t think about you previous education, but think about how determined you are to make this step.


Now that you’ve met the Wilders, you’re probably wondering “What does a regular week look like for the “wild side of Bucharest?”

Well.. Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings are dedicated to learning new concepts, doing workshops and dojos, all, of course, in a super relaxed environment in our campus @ Mindspace Victoriei. The dojos and workshops normally come hand in hand with some popcorn, pizza or biscuits that students share to keep them going.

Saturdays, on the other hand, are all about projects. At Wild Code School practical experience comes first, so a lot of emphasis is put on creating a strong portfolio that Wilders can then use to showcase and get the job of their dreams.


Teams unite on Saturdays equipped with snacks, yummy fruit, lunch and their eagerness to learn, collaborate and support each other. Add some music, fun and joking around and a super cool trainer always ready to help students discover the answers they are looking for and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination.


So… are you ready to join the Wild side? 🙂