The Summer Adventure for the Tech Curious has Begun!

Published on 10 August 2020

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After everything that happened since March, there was no doubt that this Summer would be different from the rest. No travelling, no music festivals, no big gatherings… Most people would have to find something new and different to do over the Summer.

With that in mind, we created Wild Summer School - an experience for all of those who are curious about tech and would like to try something new for free! This way, everyone who is interested in finding a bit more about career options in tech, can join this remote experience, without financial commitment, and start their journey in tech with this Summer adventure!

We dedicated our first week to Data Analysis and more than 1000 Summer adventurers, from all over the world, took this opportunity to start learning about the Data world for free

We sent lots of different content on this topic to our Wild Summer School students every day:

The week started off by explaining the basics, like what is a Data Analyst, and what does he/she do, through a short introductory video. On Tuesday, there was an Introduction to Data Analysis workshop. And we had a Dashboards and Practical Implementations on Thursday. Meanwhile, we also shared a blog article of ours, to complement the workshops.

The week ended with the presentation of our free Prep Course, which consists in over 10 hours of exercises related to Data - key notions about data cleaning and data mining, Google Sheets mathematical calculations, Python algorithms, among other things - so that our Summer Students can practise on their own, using the knowledge they got during our first week of Wild Summer School and consolidating the Data basics they learnt.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience for the students that participated in it, as they had the chance to dive in the Data world and think about whether this is a career they would like to pursue. The feedback from the students was great, too, as participants have praised the ease of understanding of our resources and have been mostly satisfied! 

Some of the great feedback we got, included: “It's really extraordinary to finally have a school that offers small introductory training, it finally allows us to see what it looks like in real life and to see if it could suit us. It's a great idea and it's been executed very well so far so I'm very happy!”

One of the students that took part in this experience said: “It was a great introduction to the Data Analyst profession”. Other told us that “The programs at Wild Summer School are very beginner-friendly and the instructors are calm and patient!”.

Wild Summer School will keep going for the next three weeks. Next week, those who are interested will be able to learn more about a different tech subject: Web Development. Regardless of the experience level, anyone can jump on this Summer adventure and discover a bit more about another fascinating and trending tech career while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the Summer heat!

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