Maria "There is no age limit to learn and become a web developer"

Published on 29 April 2019

Reading time 2 minutes

Can you tell us about your professional background?

I was born in 1960 when computers were not around. I studied humanities and ended up doing admin work in several companies. I was looking for a way to accomplish my daily tasks faster and therefore learned how to use Excel VBA. I learned on my own thanks to the information I could find online.

This is what lit the coding spark!

Due to the latest economic crisis, I found myself jobless so I started a part-time job. During my free time, I decided to learn a bit of html, css, and javascript thanks to online courses. I also looked at tutorials about android programming (xml and java).


Why have you decided to become a web developer?

The coding spark never died in me, it came to stay. Web development has infinite opportunities and roads to follow, I want to be part of the journey.


Were you afraid of switching careers?

I am aware of the intense learning journey, but not afraid.


How did your application process go with Wild Code School?  

The application process included a motivational interview with Ana Sofia, campus manager in Lisbon, and a technical interview with Alexis, the trainer. Both interviews went really well, I felt like I was amongst friends. Not long after that I received their positive feedback and the adventure started.

It´s been now 3 weeks since we´ve started. Hard work? Yes! And it´s been great. I´m learning so much, I feel I belong here. I´m so grateful for this opportunity that I can’t thank anough everyone who made it possible.


What is your Wild side?

I believe it is never too late to be wild !


Do you already know where you would like to work after the training course?

I am going to do an internship at Siemens. After that I´ll just grab the future. I know I will always be learning. New technologies come up every day. I would like to work on softwares designed to help people with disabilities.


Do you have any advice to give to the future Wilders?

Go for it! It´s fun, and you´ll be learning in a very friendly environment. Expect hard work, prepare for it. Embrace it, you will acquire a lot of knowledge to become a web developer !