Tips to succeed in Wild Code School’s application process

Published on 07 October 2020

Reading time 4 minutes

Would you like to sign up for a Wild Code School course but are lost in the process? Here, we take you on a journey through our Application Process and all of its steps: from trying out our Prep Course, to submitting an application and having interviews with Wild Code School’s team, you can find everything you need to know. Let’s go!

Discover if a Career in Tech is a good fit for you by taking the Prep Course

We highly encourage you to start your Application Process by trying out our Prep Course. As you can probably tell by the name, this is a preparation course we created for whoever is interested to try out the basics of Web Development and Data Analysis. All you have to do is register, for free, and you will have access to a set of exercises introducing you to a whole new world in the selected area.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose in trying the Prep Course. You might end up finding a new interest, that can turn into a great passion! You will board on a thematic adventure and go back in time to Ancient Greece, where you will have to help Jason find the Golden Fleece. In our Prep Course, you will become the hero of a fantastic story, leading you to glory and introducing you to a new career in technology!

The Prep Course is also a great way to test our learning platform. This way you will get a great idea of how we teach at Wild Code School and understand if the methods are a good fit for you!

Don’t be afraid: apply to one of our training courses!

Once you have tried out the Prep Course, if you feel like you have found a new interest, you have the option to apply to one of our courses. Find the course you are interested in and the closest Wild Code School Campus from you or choose our Remote Campus for distance learning. Basically, you just have to fill in the registration form and… you have applied - it’s that simple! Lose your fear and give it a shot!

Time to rock your motivational interview!

Once you have applied, you will schedule an interview (on-campus or online) with the Campus Manager from the Campus you selected. Even if you’re an introverted person, there’s nothing to worry about! This interview consists of checking your motivations to enter the course, making sure you can work in a team environment... Basically, getting to know you a little better! You can either do this interview presential or online - just make sure your connection, microphone and earphones are ready!

Just relax, be yourself, show us your motivation and why you’re a good fit for our school! What is a great fit for us? Well, we like students who are responsible, with good time-management and that show punctuality. Also, we want to have with us the most enthusiastic ones! If you have this, already, half of the job is done!

Don’t forget, we’re here to help you, not to make things harder, so there’s no reason to be nervous at all! 

Prepare yourself with the Tech Challenge for your technical interview with an Instructor!

This is the final step, the one that concludes your Application Process, and will hopefully end with your admission into Wild Code School! After your Campus Manager decides you’re a good fit for the class, you will have to complete a tech challenge which will be followed by an interview with your future Instructor.

“Wait, a tech challenge? But I’m just a beginner, how will I be able to complete it?” Well, remember the Prep Course you took in the beginning? Those basic principles will help you succeed in this challenge, so stay calm, because you got this! It’s not anything too hard, or we wouldn’t ask someone who’s just starting to do it.

Once you have booked the tech interview, you will be directed to the tech challenge, which serves as preparation for the interview that follows. As pointed out before, the experience you got from the Prep Course will help you complete this challenge that consists of around 10 hours of work, with no timing. You are free to organize your time as you please, as long as you finish it properly.

After you complete it, you’ll have an interview with your Instructor where you’ll review the challenge together, see where you could’ve done better and he’ll get to know a little more about you and your level at the time!

And that’s it, regarding your application to Wild Code School! In those simple steps, you will have concluded your application, and certainly will be ready to join our courses! 

Oh, and one more thing: depending on what course/campus you decide to join, there may be some financing options available for you, from Income Sharing Agreements to Public Institutions, check the campus page on our website, and talk to your soon to be Campus Manager for more information!