Chicken & Nuggets: Our Wilders develop their own video game in 48 hours at a Game Jam

Published on 23 November 2021

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Axel, a student in the advanced web and mobile developer training program at Wild Code School, tells us about his journey and his experience creating a video game in 48 hours during a Game Jam. 

From the Navy to Wild Code School

Hello, Axel! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, Mélanie! I'm Axel. I’m 29. After serving in the French Navy, and spending a year training myself in web development, I decided to jump into a new career. Now, I’ve just finished the web developer training at Wild Code School!

You completed the 5-month full-stack JS web developer training Wild Code School—so what did you find most interesting?

Yes, indeed. This training was one of my greatest experiences ever.

Team spirit, benevolence, and solidarity reigned from start to finish, I met a lot of wonderful people—both students and staff.

I’d like to thank my friends and I would like to thank in particular Abdou Kerkeb and François Doussin, who guided and supported us throughout this training. They’re passionate people who passed along their passion throughout the training. A big thank you to them.

You’re currently looking for a company to join the work-study program and become a web and mobile web developer at Wild Code School. Why did you want to continue your training at our school? 

I decided to continue my training at Wild Code School because as mentioned in the previous question, it was a very good experience for me.

I especially like Wild Code School's pedagogy, and learning by doing is very important to me. I find it much more relevant to learn concepts—especially in development.

The course materials are well-thought-out, and turned out to be fun. For example, we had classes on databases and SQL with Harry Potter as the topic: we had to design a database to integrate students with their school and spells, which makes a complicated thing fun.

In addition, I like the fact that the instructor who guides us during the training has the freedom to adapt the program and the concepts to be learned according to the progress of the students.

The Chicken & Nuggets video game: from creation to online release

During a Game Jam and as part of your training, you and your group had the opportunity to create a video game. Can you tell us a little more about it? 

Yes, it was an intense but very rewarding experience! I’d like to thank my fellow students, Fanny De Mesquita, Laura Trehout, Maxime Jezequel, Tristan Fluteaux, and Guillaume Lequin, for their commitment and motivation in this project.

We had 48 hours to create a game in team on Unity in C#, and it should be noted that we knew neither Unity nor C#! 

The goal was to make us aware that we could understand and create code and content in other languages.

We decided as a team to play a platform game with a chicken as the main character, because it's our instructor's favorite animal. If you look hard enough, You can spot a picture of him in the game.

We divided the functionalities by team members: Fanny and Laura made the coin-collection system, while Maxime handled the life-bar system, Tristan and Guillaume made the character-movement system, and I took care of level switching.

After 48 hours of searching for tutorials, watching videos, and adapting this new knowledge to our project, we managed to create a game—certainly not perfect, but functional.

If you want to try it, you can! But keep in mind that it was created in just 48 hours and has remained as is ever since.

Players can control the character with the left and right directional arrows, and the space key allows the chicken to jump.

This experience gave us even more motivation to continue to improve our skills and especially to be able to fly on our own after the training.

video game chicken & nuggets

The vast world of video games 

In your opinion, what is the most important innovation that has been made in the world of video games to date, and why?

I think the last important innovation after the move to 3D in video games has been VR (virtual reality). It allows an immersion that no other medium can match, and it also allows us to imagine crazy things for the future like Facebook's Metaverse, just to cite one example.

What do you like about the world of video games? 

I love playing video games, and I think creating them is really cool! 

For me, video games are like playing in a huge sandbox. I love the fact that I can discover different realms, emotions, and sensations—whether it's through gameplay or the design and artistic style of each game. I think it's a fabulous way to convey new emotions and sensations.

What are your future plans?

Do you have any areas that you like and would like to specialize in once you’ve finished your training?

I'm convinced that you can change the world with a good project and a good website. I really like Code For Good, so I think I'll go in this direction in the future. 

Thank you for all these answers! Do you have any final words for Wilders?

Thanks for this interview, Mélanie!

As for fellow Wilders, I encourage you to keep at it even during the tough times, because there will be few, but it is worth it!

I also wish you success in their projects and a future employer that suits you so you can flourish in the brave new world of coding!

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