Web Developer is the new Black

Published on 17 March 2020

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A web developer is a flexible, multi-tasking and multi-language programmer in charge of the creation of a website, software or program.

Developers have never been more popular than now in the job market. 

What jobs are we talking about?

Between coder, developer, programmer… we can quickly get lost.

In the field, we have:

1. The web developer > writes the code to create a website. 

They use web development languages such as HTML/CSS - PHP - JAVASCRIPT - SQL - etc.

We can also distinguish the front-end web developer (takes care of what the user sees and can do on the screen) and the back-end web developer (takes care of data processing, securing, server-side functionality).

2. The software developer > writes lines of code, but to create software specific to an economic activity, for example, accounting software or a digital workspace for a university.

They use various computer languages ​​such as C, C ++, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.

On a daily basis, what is it like?

The developer can rotate between different types of tasks:

  • Analysing/writing specifications for a client;
  • Proposing a technical solution adapted to a web or software project;
  • Coding different features;
  • Writing/testing different functionalities;
  • Documenting code;
  • Maintenance/bug fixes;
  • Learning / documentation / research / monitoring.

No rest for the brave

In most jobs, we learn a lot at the beginning and then we refine our knowledge thanks to the experience we acquire. When you are a developer, the job changes constantly and the pace is rather strong.

In the code industry, there is no absolute rule for the question "what should I learn?", Because for a dev any experience is good to take. In fact, it is rather necessary to analyse the trends of modern and current technologies asking yourself, "what do I need to learn now to do this?". Then you want to focus on the most widespread technology and practices on the web at the present time but also for the coming years, in order to make sure to be relevant right away on the employment market.

Throughout a career, the primary mission of a developer will be to maintain regular learning/training in new technologies to keep up to date in this ocean of knowledge that is computing.

A great power implies great responsibilities

The devs of today and tomorrow will sometimes be asked the question of what they do or should do with their skills. Some of them may be offered or asked to create a site/application that they consider unfair, dishonest or even illegal?

In this world, nothing is all black or white, you have to know how to position yourself in relation to your own value system, demonstrate ethics and respect the laws of IT and digital technology.

Within the developer community, it is considered that the developer has an ethical responsibility in his practice of the code.

Some interesting resources here: Code is Law

Soft skills of a developer

The developers are curious, passionate, creative, and always on the lookout for innovations.

They are chameleons able to adapt to any work environment, eager to learn new skills, sharing knowledge with others and often works within a team.

Developers demonstrate logic and analytical skills, able to grasp a given problem and detail the steps of resolution.

Good salary and guaranteed employment


Developers are WANTED by in the web, IT, SME-SMIs, large groups (in banking, industry, trade) and digital service companies (offer technological services to other companies).

  • Web developers can work as freelancers in communication agencies, digital transformation agencies or technology consulting agencies. But they are also "chased" by digital startups who need them to build their business or exchange platform.
  • Software developers are recruited by software publishers, large companies that develop their own IT tools, and digital service companies (used to be called SSII).


Due to the shortage of candidates compared to the needs, salaries are attractive: count 35,000 euros gross per year for a junior developer in Paris.

The amount can rise very quickly depending on experience and candidate profile. Thus, the salary can go from up to 48,000 euros annually if you have in addition management, marketing skills, an engineering or business school diploma.


With experience, you can exercise supervisory functions as Senior Developer or Lead Developer, or move to positions of project manager or start your startup. Again, it all depends on your profile and your talents: some can go to web design, others the Data profession, others consultancy or training.

Conclusion: It is by coding that the coder becomes!

The developer's job is great when all the conditions have been met, however, you do not become great by chance, just like sports or any artistic discipline, programming requires practise and regular training.

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