What is a framework?

Published on 03 June 2019

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When starting programming, we discover HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. But quickly, we hear about things like Symfony, Spring, Laravel, Zend, etc. These are not programming languages; these are called framework. What is it?


What is a framework?

Frameworks – also called “application frameworks” or “software framework” – are sets of software components used to create the structure of a software or an application. A framework can be seen as a toolbox in which the developer comes to look for the needed components. This framework provides an overall structure to ease the work of developers.

Frameworks work by programming language and develop all kinds of supports: websites, games, mobile applications, etc. However, you can also create your own software framework.


Why use a framework?

Frameworks save time because developers will not have to develop the entire structure from scratch. They can focus on specific tasks instead of spending time on repetitive things such as the basic architecture. Frameworks are now widely used. When a developer joins a team and uses a framework that he/she masters, he/she will find his/her bearings more easily and quickly.

Examples of frameworks:

  • In PHP: Symfony
  • In JavaScript: NodeJs, Angular or React


You’ll find a definition and a list of frameworks here.