What is a remote campus?

Published on 16 July 2020

Reading time 2 minutes

The Wild Code School is a network of more than twenty campuses across France and Europe where students learn the most in-demand technical skills (web developer, data analyst, cybersecurity analyst...).

From now on, the school also offers the possibility for those who wish to do their studies on a "remote campus". While it is easy to imagine what a campus in Paris or Berlin might look like, it is often a little harder to imagine what a remote campus can be like. 

What exactly is a remote campus? How is the training programme like on this type of campus? Does remote mean learning by yourself ? What about communication with team members and other students?

At the Wild Code School, a training programme that is 100% remote does not mean that you are alone all day long, or even that you don't meet any other students. Here's how it goes: 

1- A team to support each other collectively 

If learning on a remote campus means learning from home, it does not mean learning alone. On the remote campus, there is a team made up of:

  • a teacher directly connected to the classroom, he organises and supervises the educational activities of the training programme (courses, client projects, live coding, workshops, etc.), answers students' questions and coaches them in their learning. 
  • students (the Wilders) who follow the training programme on live from home. The Wilders come from all over Europe and from different backgrounds, they work together on live and create a real community helping and supporting each other during the training programme. 

2- Structured and flexible training courses 

Our remote training courses have been designed with the aim of offering our students a structured schedule based on different educational activities carried out in groups, on live (courses, workshops, work on projects, etc.) and supervised by an instructor. These activities are carried out at fixed times and give students the necessary framework for the success of their remote learning. 

3- A European Community of Campuses and Wilders 

The Wild Code School has developed a network of campuses throughout Europe. This network is open to our students following our remote training programmes who can go to the campus nearest to their home to attend partner events (job dating), attend conferences, participate in a hackathon, or even simply come and meet other Wilders and exchange in person with the network and the Wild Code School team.

The Wilders on all our campuses are also connected to each other via our chat tool and can exchange best practices and build a European-wide network. 

To find out more and meet our remote team, do not hesitate to join our next Wild Breakfast (breakfast presentation of our remote training courses) by registering directly via this link.