What Language to Make my Children Study? Coding!

Published on 15 June 2020

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Some of the reasons why knowing how to program becomes an advantage especially for the little ones:

In 2016, Florida became the first state, in the U.S.A., to allow computer science in high school to replace the requirement of learning a second foreign language.

Nowadays, in the labour market, digital skills are probably as useful as a good knowledge of the second language, which is why some American High Schools have worked hard to give more and more importance to teaching in their programming classrooms.

"Programming can be defined, in a somewhat reckless but still legitimate sense, as culture of the 21st century" according to programmer Brady Dill. "Studying computer programming, the student learns a very valuable tool that can be applied in the construction of a very profitable career path."

Regardless of whether or not more states follow Florida's footsteps, there is no denying that teaching programming is a valuable skill for today's young people, given the current labor market.

Programming as a child develops important skills

Programming languages are certainly universal languages. Learning how to program is much more than acquire technical skills as well. "A programming language teaches you more than just language" according to Jarod Spiewak, CEO of Cicada Devolpment. "It teaches you how to face and solve problems clusters. It teaches you patience, working in a group, and conducting research, asking the right questions. to find the most appropriate solutions.

Many programmers are "self-made", i.e. professionals who have trained themselves, trying and trying again, since their training offer did not include this kind of teaching. More and more jobs require knowledge of programming, and not only in the technology industry. More or less in all sectors, figures with programming skills can be required, or at least favoured, in all sectors

Also, if students started to consider scheduling, their initial salary would be very encouraging. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the average salary of developers in the year 2018 was $84,280 per year, about $40.52 per hour.

Some platforms or sites to start programming

Every day more and more realities are devoted exclusively to learning coding by the little ones.

Depending on the starting age, we can find different fun and intuitive solutions. Some of the most famous are would like to recommend Scratch and Tynker.


Scratch is a free programming language and an online community where you can create stories, games and interactive and customized animations. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, think systematically and work in a team - essential skills in the new job market.

Scratch is a project of the permanent asylum group at MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.


Tynker allows children to become producers. Tynker is transforming the way children learn to plan. You can plan small challenges and it's great for children because it gives them the confidence to try out without fear, encouraging adventure. The really fun applications and the fact that they are adapted to the various ages, makes them even more beneficial and fun.