Which languages are trending in 2020?

Published on 03 March 2020

Reading time 2 minutes

When you look at starting a career in Web Development, one of the big questions is “What language should I start with?”, well, we’ve put together some information to help you choose. First and in order to analyze what languages/technologies are relevant to learn this year, we’ll take a look at what happened during the past year. 

Stack Overflow, a platform used by many rookie and expert programmers, started publishing an annual survey (and its results) with information about coding demographics, technologies and job market. This is one of many surveys that can be used to extract information about our line of work, because the answers come from developers, so it couldn’t be more accurate!

Which languages are trending?

In Stack Overflow’s 2019 ranking, JavaScript was pointed as the most used programming language by professional developers, for the seventh consecutive year! HTML/CSS came in second place, SQL in third and Python in fourth. According to Stack Overflow, Python is “the fastest-growing major programming language today”.

According to the same survey, jQuery was the most used web framework, with React.js coming in second place. As for other frameworks, Node.js was, by far, the most used. 

TIOBE’s Index is another indicator that helps understanding what programming languages are on top. It has monthly updates, and it does not measure the best or most used language, but rather identifies the ones that are growing in popularity among developers. 

This Index identified Python as the biggest candidate to win “Language of the Year 2019”, for TIOBE, a title that it has already won in 2018, showing that Python is becoming one of the most popular languages in the world.

How do we pick the languages we teach at Wild Code School?

The languages we teach on Wild Code School’s Lisbon Campus are no coincidence. By observing the data presented above, it’s clear that what is taught in Wild Code School is demanded by the tech market. Students leave our courses prepared to enter the job market, as they possess a skill set that provides value to companies.

JavaScript is still one of the most used languages, as well as its frameworks React.js and Node.js, which are the ones used in our Web Development Course. As for the rising popularity of Python, that’s also good news, as it is, alongside R, one of the languages used in our brand new Data Analysis Course.