Which training type best suits your lifestyle and your goals

Published on 04 March 2020

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Web development evolves very fast and continuously - fact.

Whether you are a new or an experienced programmer, you have to keep up with the techniques and technologies evolutions to stay relevant with the current job market.

Let’s be honest, it is not always an easy matter to stay relevant when days are so well-filled trying to ensure the work and life balance.

In this context, what are your options to have more than one string in your bow without having to throw it all away? 

Peer learning

Perhaps the most common learning medium in the web development industry. The strong and active community of programmers encourages cooperation and exchange on blogs, discussion forums, or even specialized platforms.

+++ Information and knowledge are out there, they can be accessed at any time anywhere. It allows self-paced learning.

--- This format requires to be very autonomous and self-disciplined as the web developer will be learning alone at a keyboard and screen. Some will be good at it but this format is not for everyone (it’s definitely not for me! :) 


You can learn new technology, language or framework as part of a medium- to long-term course “in-person” (or “classroom-training”). You will attend sessions run by an instructor (lasting a few days or a few weeks).

+++ Benefit from guidance, advice from expert and help on a daily basis. Learn together and receive support from your study group.

--- You should be able to take time from your job or mission as a freelancer to attend the training.


The (almost) ideal alternative.

+++ Self-paced learning allowing flexibility in your planning. You learn when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

--- you must be very autonomous as you won’t be supported by an instructor while learning. Implementation and following through on learning commitment can be challenging.

Part-time training

New to the web development field, a training in which the content is modulated between face-to-face and distance learning.

+++ Allows you to learn new technologies or framework outside working hours AND receive guidance from the instructor. Best of both worlds ;)

--- Two early evenings per week and two Saturdays per month required for the face-to-face training

And you, which training type best suits your lifestyle and your goals?

Choose your format and apply here!